Apache joins the pack

Apache looks to the cloud with Deltacloud gaining Top Level Project status

Chris Mayer

Looks like we’ve got another contender in the clouds – Apache drives API management project Deltacloud forward

The race for cloud supremacy appears to be well and truly on, as yet another name joins a densely packed field, hopefully to make sense of the noise. This time it’s the Apache Software Foundation broadening their cloud horizons, approving Deltacloud as a Top Level Apache Project.

Originally developed and then donated in August 2010 by Red Hat, Deltacloud differs from the rest offering a definition for a REST API for interacting with cloud service providers to the open source community, meaning that many more can embrace a variety of cloud innovators under one roof. Apache initially promoted it from the incubator back in October, but only now has a public face appeared. Perhaps Apache were biding their time to announce their cloud push or it could be the more likely reason is that it took time migrate infrastructure over.

Deltacloud also includes a number of implementations of this API for the most popular Clouds such as Amazon, Eucalyptus, GoGrid, IBM, Microsoft, OpenStack, Rackspace, and more. In addition to the API server, the project also provides client libraries for a wide variety of languages such as Ruby, C and C++

“We are thrilled to have the project’s growth and maturity recognized by The Apache Software Foundation,” said David Lutterkort, Chair of the Apache Deltacloud Project Management Committee and Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. “Deltacloud has shown the value of vendor-neutral cloud management API’s, and we are excited that, as an Apache Top-Level Project, we will continue to provide choice to cloud users; graduation is a great milestone for our community.”

CTO of jclouds at Cloudsoft, Adrian Cole added: “Deltacloud delivers an elegant REST API, focused on exposing the differences between cloud services. jclouds and Deltacloud have a strong history together, starting with collaborating on abstraction design in 2009, spiking with our interface to Deltacloud released last year. I’m excited to see Deltacloud’s graduation, and looking forward to more shared code this year.”

This is an exciting move from Apache, as Deltacloud joins already established Apache projects like Hadoop and Tomcat; in fact this is the second cloud API management project to gain top billing after Libcloud, a Python library. 

It’s going to be interesting seeing if it gains as much popularity and can organically grow a community, but also to see where it fits in with its bedfellows. There doesn’t seem to be a day where there isn’t a new cloud solution and differentiating the cloud providers in a simple API is certainly a shrewd move.

The forecast is looking cloudy, with a chance of bright spells later on.

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