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Java SE

Apache Harmony Release 5.0M14 and 6.0M2

Jessica Thornsby

The Apache Harmony team have announced two new releases: 5.0 Milestone 14 and 6.0 Milestone 2.

Apache Harmony is a Java SE project that aims to provide a compatible, independent implementation of the Java SE 5 JDK, and a modular runtime architecture.

Version 5.0M14 implements the serialver command line tool, getImageWriter, and getImageReader, and should now build against hyzlib. It also introduces a list of bug fixes, including failures in HelloWorldTest, and the Header’s clone. A list of the fixes is available at the Release Notes.

Version 6.0M2 has one new feature, in the form of a new class, in addition to a list of bug fixes. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

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