Version 3.0 passes Sun's Full Profile Certification Test

Apache Geronimo finally fully certified for Java EE6

Chris Mayer

Decision gives Geronimo edge over JBoss, for now

Apache’s open source application server, Geronimo has received a huge boost – after their beta passing the Java Enterprise Edition 6.0 Full Profile Certification Test Suite.

The news puts Apache’s server that small step ahead of their rival JBoss, who have only so far acquired the lesser “Web Profile” Java EE specification for their application server.

Geronimo comes configured with either web containers Tomcat and Axis2, or combined with Jetty 8 and CXF – allowing user to be flexible when it comes to building the architecture for portable and scalable enterprise applications. However, only the former is supported under the Java EE 6 specification at the moment.

Further details about the beta, including issues are available within the release notes