New collaborative Apache project announced

Apache DeltaSpike – a standardised repository for CDI extensions

Chris Mayer

Project aims to create ‘industry standard’ of extensions, developed and maintained by wider community

Exciting news reaches us from the Apache Software Foundation, who have announced that the wheels are already in motion towards creating a standardised set of CDI extensions – step forward Apache DeltaSpike.

The project, in collaboration with JBoss, CDI Source and Apache MyFaces, is a collection of JSR-299 extensions that are used in developing Java SE and EE applications. Key committer, Shane Bryzak announced that the proposal was on its way to becoming a top level Apache project after being submitted to the Apache Incubator.

According to Apache MyFaces PMC, ‘the first goal of DeltaSpike is to create an unified base for portable CDI extensions like CODI, Seam3’ and then make this widespread amongst as many different vendors as possible. This entails the use of OpenWebBeans and Weld in combination with different servlet containers like Apache Tomcat as well as JavaEE servers like Apache TomEE, Glassfish, JBossAS, Resin and so on.

The initial codebase for Apache DeltaSpike will be populated with mature code donations from project members, including JBoss Seam3, Apache MyFaces CODI and CDISource.

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Bryzak said the project came about through the need of developers that  ’want an end-to-end framework that works, without having to piece together all the bits themselves and work out how to integrate them.’ He stated the importance of this project remaining neutral without any corporate affiliation as well. This makes sense as only through a wider alliance can this project firstly, get off the ground and secondly, create a thriving community with quick releases to fix any issues.

He added in the DeltaSpike announcement

The first step we will take is to create a community-owned set of portable CDI extensions; a de-facto set of features that developers can take and use within their own applications, in whichever container they wish to deploy to. One of the major goals of this project is to grow and unify the Java EE community. By joining forces with other CDI extension developers, such as the Apache MyFaces CODI team and the CDISource team, as well as other key members of the Java EE community, our hope is to create a community that is stronger than the sum of its separate parts.

We’re certainly excited to see how DeltaSpike grows over the next few months – the idea is certainly a novel and noble one and will hopefully make life easier for Java EE and SE developers, finally getting that quick and efficient end-to-end framework they’ve been crying out for.

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