Rapid-fire round with Antonio Cobo

“I think we will incorporate a ‘Security First’ mindset to DevOps”

JAXenter Editorial Team
Antonio Cobo

JAX DevOps Day 2 continues with a session from Antonio Cobo! We checked in with him just before his session with a quick round of questions all about DevOps, the cloud, and microservices.

JAXenter: Will DevOps stay as it is now or is there a chance that we’ll be calling it DevSecOps from now on?

Antonio Cobo: I think we will continue using the term DevOps, but we will incorporate a mindset “Security First” to it.

JAXenter: Do you think more organizations will move to cloud in 2018? Why/why not?

Antonio Cobo: Yes, the gains in time to get your app up and running and the cost saving will keep organizations moving to the cloud in 2018.

JAXenter: Is Java ideal for microservices developments? Should companies continue to invest resources in this direction?

Antonio Cobo: I think Java will continue being the most popular choice of language for microservices developments.

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Antonio Cobo will be delivering two sessions at JAX DevOps on how to deal with corporate culture and Agile. In his first session, Antonio will explore how companies can remain Agile while adapting to the situation at hand. In his second session, Antonio will go over the concept of technical debt, why developers and management alike struggle with it, and how to overcome it.

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