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Road to Angular v9: The first release candidate for 8.1.0 arrived

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Now that Angular v8 is here, it’s time to embark on a new journey: towards the next release! It’s never too soon to look forward to the future, and we are already watching for Angular v9. What’s new? The first release candidate for 8.1.0 arrived with several bug fixes and a single feature. Let’s have a look.

No rest for the Angular team!

The first release candidate for 8.1.0 arrives along side the smaller update of 8.0.3.

This rc brings several important bug fixes for bazel, compiler, and more, as well as a single feature.

Let’s have a quick look.



  • upgrade: provide unit test helpers for wiring up injectors (#16848) (3fb78aa)

Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes


Update 24, June





Update 14, June


  • bazel: do not modify tsconfig.json (#30877) (b086676)
  • bazel: exclude components schematics from build (#30825) (05a43ca)
  • bazel: Load global stylesheet in dev and prod (#30879) (17bfedd)
  • common: expose the HttpUploadProgressEvent interface as public API (#30852) (5c18f23), closes #30814
  • service-worker: avoid uncaught rejection warning when registration fails (#30876) (81c2a94)




Update 3, June

After following the long road towards Angular v8, it successfully launched on May 28, 2019, with new features, changes, and improvements galore.

Now, we embark on a new journey: towards Angular v9! Let’s follow the latest changes and additions. Head on over to the changelog on GitHub to keep track of the news.

Angular 8.1.0 beta is already here, just days after v8 arrived. It includes an array of bug fixes and six new features.

Let’s take a look.


  • bazel: use rbe_autoconfig() and new container. (#29336) (9abf114)
  • common: add ability to watch for AngularJS URL updates through onUrlChange hook (#30466) (1aff524)
  • common: stricter types for SlicePipe (#30156) (95830ee)
  • core: deprecate integration with the Web Tracing Framework (WTF) (#30642) (f310a59)
  • language-service: Implement definitionAndBoundSpan (#30125) (f491673)
  • platform-webworker: deprecate platform-webworker (#30642) (ccc76f7)

Bug Fixes

  • bazel: allow ts_library interop with list-typed inputs (#30600) (3125376)
  • bazel: Bump ibazel to 0.10.1 for windows fixes (#30196) (1353bf0)
  • bazel: Directly spawn native Bazel binary (#30306) (2a0f497)
  • bazel: Disable sandbox on Mac OS (#30460) (b6b1aec)
  • bazel: Exclude common/upgrade* in metadata.tsconfig.json (#30133) (1f4c380)
  • bazel: ng test should run specific ts_web_test_suite (#30526) (e688e02)
  • bazel: pass correct arguments to http_server in Windows (#30346) (3aff79c), closes #29785
  • bazel: update peerDep ranges (#30155) (4ae0ee8)
  • bazel: Use existing npm/yarn lock files (#30438) (ff29ccc)
  • compiler-cli: log ngcc skipping messages as debug instead of info (#30232) (60a8888)
  • core: consistently use ng:/// for sourcemap URLs (#29826) (392473e)
  • core: CSS sanitizer now allows parens in file names (#30322) (728db88)
  • core: fix interpolate identifier in AOT (#30243) (30d1f29)
  • core: migrations not always migrating all files (#30269) (349935a)
  • core: remove deprecated TestBed.deprecatedOverrideProvider API (#30576) (a96976e)
  • core: require ‘static’ flag on queries in typings (#30639) (84dd267)
  • core: static-query migration errors not printed properly (#30458) (6ceb903)
  • core: static-query migration fails with default parameter values (#30269) (6357d4a)
  • core: static-query migration should gracefully exit if AOT compiler throws (#30269) (509352f)
  • core: static-query migration should handle queries on accessors (#30327) (0ffdb48)
  • core: static-query migration should not fallback to test strategy (#30458) (0cdf598)
  • core: static-query migration should not prompt if no queries are used (#30254) (4c12d74)
  • core: static-query usage migration strategy should detect ambiguous query usage (#30215) (8d3365e)
  • core: temporarily remove @deprecated jsdoc tag for a TextBed.get overload (#30514) (f6bf892), closes #29290#29905
  • language-service: Remove tsserverlibrary from rollup globals (#30123) (124e497)
  • router: ensure history.state is set in eager update mode (#30154) (b40f6f3)
  • router: ensure navigations start with the current URL value incase redirect is skipped (#30344) (0fd9d08), closes #30340 #30160
  • router: fix a problem with router not responding to back button (#30160) (3327bd8)
  • router: IE 11 bug can break URL unification when comparing objects (#30393) (197584d)
  • router: type cast correctly for IE 11 bug breaking URL Unification when comparing objects (#30464) (53f3564)

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