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Android open source maintainer quits over “sabotage”

Elliot Bentley

Jean-Baptiste Quéru leaves position at Google after conflict over release of factory images for Nexus 7.

Android’s reputation for being open took another blow yesterday as Jean-Baptiste Quéru, Technical Lead of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), quit, citing “sabotage” of his work.

The source of his frustrations? Google hasn’t yet released factory images for its flagship tablet, the Nexus 7, which was updated two weeks ago. Quéru has publicly aired his exhaustion and discontent towards his employer on Twitter over the past week:

It appears that speculation over interference from GPU manufacturer Qualcomm is accurate, judging by a message Quéru posted on Google+ last night announcing his resignation:

Well, I see that people have figured out why I’m quitting AOSP.

There’s no point being the maintainer of an Operating System that can’t boot to the home screen on its flagship device for lack of GPU support, especially when I’m getting the blame for something that I don’t have authority to fix myself and that I had anticipated and escalated more than 6 months ahead.

It remains to be seen if the Nexus 7 factory image is still released – despite delays, the Nexus 4’s factory image was eventually put back online. Either way, the Android world has been made poorer by the loss of – as Quéru is often affectionately referred to – JBQ.

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