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Android gets its own Android Java IDE in AIDE

Chris Mayer

Android finally gets a self-contained IDE for developing real Android Apps directly on Android devices

It’s been a long time coming, but Android finally has its own integrated development environment with the release of AIDE – an Android Java IDE that means Android developers now longer have to rely upon an separate machine to write their applications and can keeping it strictly in-house.

AIDE supports the entire edit-compile-run cycle: you can write, compile and run your app on an Android device – a big leap and no doubt part of their move to becoming a self-preservation society. Once you had to develop on an Eclipse IDE or otherwise, now you don’t even need to leave the Android ecosystem. It’s fully compatible with Eclipse projects too, so if you need to develop on the go, you can port it straight over to your tablet.

Even though they’re currently at beta 8, AIDE looks more than just than an editor as it has code-completion, real-time error-checking and highlighting, code-refactoring, formatting, and smart navigation, as well as compilation and execution of APKs. It’s also free – why would you avoid this?

The emphasis no doubt will be placed upon being able to develop straight on tablets, yet it’s possible to even do it on your Android phone as well. Tablets are now more than capable to compile and process Java, and it would be simply absurd to make Android developers do all the work on a brand new desktop system.

Sure it may not be the first IDE to usurp the likes of Windows, Linux et al, but it’s a logical step towards Android-centric development. With interest piqued from the community, how the small German team handle their revolutionary IDE in the future will be incredibly interesting to see. Check out the developer’s site and follow them on Twitter @AndroidIDE. Download and get developing in an entirely new way. You will need a keyboard for your tablet though – just in case.

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