Watch Jean-Francois Landreau and Gregor Hohpe's DevOpsCon 2017 session

Adopting DevOps? You are aiming at the wrong target!

JAXenter Editorial Team

Simply adopting DevOps will not make the trick to transform your organization. In this session, Jean-Francois Landreau and Gregor Hohpe reflect on the experience of truly transforming IT inside a large organization as opposed to simply adopting DevOps.

Agile methods and DevOps approaches can bring enormous benefits to an organization by increasing flexibility, reducing time-to-value, all while increasing quality. However, these are not methods you simply “adopt”. They require a substantial transformation of a company’s values, beliefs, and processes.

For example, DevOps is about removing impediments from the flow in the software delivery to the business. Likewise, agile requires changing the way the company budgets and funds projects. This session reflects on the experience of truly transforming IT inside a large organization as opposed to simply adopting DevOps.


Jean-Francois Landreau works as Private Cloud Architect at Allianz Technology in Munich. He started to adopt Agile methodologies at the beginning of 2000s. It was the only thing that made sense to him at that point. He evolved his methodology moving toward ever leaner approaches to be able to deliver faster to production: continuous delivery, what else? While trying to stay proficient at the technical level, he likes to work at the organization level to optimize team and organization efficiency.

Gregor Hohpe treibt als Chefarchitekt eines weltweiten Konzerns die Digitalisierung des Versicherungsgeschäfts voran. Seine technisch akkuraten, aber zugänglichen Beiträge wurden u.a. in „97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know“ und “Best Software Writing” aufgenommen. Seine Erfahrungen als Chefarchitekt hat er in dem Buch „37 Things One Architect Knows“ dokumentiert.


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