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Actian announces expansion into IoT analytics

Coman Hamilton
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CTO Mike Hoskins tells us how the company aims to help enterprises make better sense of an entirely new realm of data.

Actian today announced its new Internet-of-Things-focused approach to analytics with a new expansion to its analytics platform. CTO Mike Hoskins tells us he wants to help enterprises exploit the new kinds of data and digital relationships that are being forged by innovations in social, mobile and IoT technologies.

JAX: It’s forecast that the number of IoT devices will double by 2020. What measures are Actian taking to prepare for this IoT-oriented future of IT? 

Hoskins: The data pouring out of social, mobile and the Internet of Things presents the biggest opportunities companies have had in decades – to reap in-depth insights into digital relationships. To prepare for the increasing demand of data from the Internet of Things, we’ve expanded our analytics platform to include the industry’s highest performing, most scalable graph analytics engine coupled with a graph auto-discovery and visualisation tool designed for use by any business analyst.

The combination of visualisation, auto-discovery, and graph turns early ventures in social, mobile, and the internet of things into winning digital strategy for companies of all sizes.

What kind of user is this expansion to your analytics platform designed for?

Actian’s analytics platform responds to the overwhelming need of organisations to easily analyse Hadoop data and deliver insights. End users from businesses of all sizes can now get the discovery power of graph analytics as part of the end-to-end analytics capabilities of the Actian Analytics Platform.

The potential for uncovering cause, effect, and influence in relationships can be fully realised by all customers with the combination of a graph analytics, expansive connectivity, data blending and enrichment, auto-discovery, data science, advanced analytics, and operational business intelligence via SQL in Hadoop.

Can you give us some typical use case scenarios? 

Digital business leaders can expect to increase the accuracy of decision making and utilise pinpoint accuracy to identify social and network insights.  Graph and auto-discovery address the following opportunities without any limitations for enterprise scale:

720 Degree View of Customer – Graph analytics can take the typical 360 degree of the customer and turn it into a more comprehensive, 720 degree view of the customer, by adding an individual’s social network to the profile.

Internet of Things – Graph analysis uncovers complex relationships looking at the billions of things connected to the internet and trillions of time-stamped events that tie these things together in unique ways.

Log Analytics – Trillions of log files pour out from billions of machines and devices connected to the internet where hundreds of billions of applications register every click and tick. Graph analysis unveils the deeper meaning of the complex relationships now established among man and machines.

Fraud – The sophistication of fraud has been compounded with rings of people and machine-generated attacks hitting banks, commercial operations, and nations with difficult to detect schemes. The combination of graph analytics engines and auto-discovery tools exposes these well-hidden fraudulent activities as they occur.

DNA and Health Research – The body is the most complex system in existence with relationships between body parts, organs, cells, and DNA that contain all the secrets of health and healing. Graph analysis, more than any other information technology, provides the power and keys to unlock the medical miracles.

You also recently launched the Big Data Clear Path Program. How has that fared so far and how does it compare to this expansion in the Analytics Platform?

The Clear Path Program has been received very well so far.  We’ve added to our Clear Path Partner ecosystem and are building out industry-specific blueprints to add to the library of cross-industry customer analytics blueprints, designed to give organisations a jump start with their analytics initiatives and accelerate their analytics ROI.

We’ve conducted several blueprints workshops for companies around the customer analytics blueprints and we’ve also had great interest from many companies who see the demos and want to plug and play. Because the Clear Path Program and its blueprints are based and built upon the Actian Analytics Platform, this latest expansion with graph analytics capabilities not only evolves the platform, but the Clear Path Program as well. It allows us to take our blueprints to the next level by bringing in new data types best represented by graphs and new analysis that can uncover complex networks of relationships.

For example, one of our blueprints is Customer Profile, which is about building a holistic 360 degree view of the customer.  With graph analytics, however, we can now go beyond the 360 degree view and look at the customer’s network – who they influence and are influenced by, what the correlations and triggers are within the network that increase likelihood of responses to various offers.

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