Access Confluence From Your Desktop!

Jessica Thornsby

Bug fixes for ConfluenceFx 1.0.1.

ConfluenceFx 1.0.1 is out!

ConfluenceFx allows the user to access Confluence from their desktop, and throws alerts when activity occurs in your wiki, in an effort to aid team collaboration and real-time user interaction. This is a bug fix release, which rectifies “buggy” resize behaviour on the Mac and main view loading problems inside Confluence. ConfluenceFX now applies a darker colour for rollover on people directory suggestions.

ConfluenceFx is distributed under a commercial license, with a free 30 days license available for evaluation.

The Confluence starter kit is now available for Confluence Plugins, meaning that ConfluenceFx and Content Internationalizer can be used on a 10-users license of Confluence instance.

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