90% of Android Users are Sticking with Android


Android is building up a loyal fanbase, and Blackberry users are far more likely to make the switch to the Nexus than iPhone users are, according to a survey conducted by Crowd Science.

The survey found that 90% of the Android users polled, were planning on sticking to their current platform when making their next phone purchase, suggesting current Android users are content with the services they are receiving. This indicates Android are faring well in building a loyal user-base.

When asked if they’d trade their present phone for Google’s Android-based Nexus One, a third (32%) of Blackberry users said they would. This is significantly higher than owners of an iPhone: only 9% of iPhone users agreed that they’d trade an iPhone for a Nexus – suggesting that Android will have to step up its game if it’s going to lure away iPhone users.

For the survey, the Crowd Science team randomly selected 1,140 respondents from their Sample Beta program.


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