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6 best places to learn data science fast

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The skills of data experts are becoming outdated as the industry evolves. If you’re looking to learn data science – quickly – then you’re in luck. Bootcamps of all kinds have sprouted up to help the surge towards data science move faster. Here are six best places to learn data science in half the average time.

Data makes the modern world go round, with more industries seeking out the benefits Big Data and the like provide. This has made the demand for data experts to harness and manage its potential go through the roof.

Yet experienced data experts are suddenly discovering that their skills are now outdated as the industry evolves, and fresh faces looking to jump into the fray look forward to years of schooling and high costs to reach the finish line. If you’re looking to learn data science – quickly – then you’re in luck. Bootcamps of all kinds have sprouted up to help the surge towards data science move faster.

Here are six of the best places to learn data science in half the average time.

The Data Incubator

For experienced scientists seeking out new skills, the Data Incubator is an excellent option. It’s directed at those with previous experience in engineering and science, preferably with a Ph.D. What makes it stand out from the rest is its fellowship program, allowing those who qualify for their services to participate completely free.

The course runs for eight weeks and is aimed at offering students the best shot at using their newfound skills immediately by providing mentorship from hiring companies like The New York Times and LinkedIn, which eliminates the common issue of having the skills but lacking the necessary portfolio to break into the business.

Bit Bootcamp

An option suited for those with previous experience in SQL, as well as C#, C++, and Java, this course is designed to give scientists hands-on and comprehensive skills for jumping out of the course and into the field.

Bit Bootcamp has a rolling start date and allows students to take on the classes either full time or part time to fit their schedule. The problem sets are famous for being practical and applicable to real-world settings, where students can handle issues they could face on the job in both small businesses and large corporations. The course concludes with a Hadoop certification exam.

Harvard’s Data Science CS109

Harvard has been a leading name in teaching data science for some time, but if you’re looking for the education without the expense, commute, or paperwork, Harvard’s data science course is available online, with lab and lecture videos which can be viewed at your own pace at home. You can also find iPython notebooks, course datasets, and problem set solutions online at CS109 GitHub, making it a perfect option for a beginner to familiarize themselves with the process and for already experienced scientists to brush up on the new tools, techniques, and every big data platform. Though for the full experience, the course lasts four months and is known to be very hands-on and difficult, ensuring you’re familiar with all the latest practices.


Falling in line with the boot-camp themed data science courses, Metis prides itself on condensed coursework, offering not only problem sets that teach students the sort of issues they’ll face in the field, but going even farther to offer on-site instruction, job placement support, and career coaching to put data skills into action as well as job-seeking efforts. The course lasts for twelve weeks and is aimed at equipping attendees with modern big data tools as well as valuable connections with other professionals in the industry.


This program lasts for two months and teaches beginning students about PowerPoint, Tableau, SQL, Excel, and R while giving more experienced attendees the opportunity to brush up on their skills and learn any new changes these tools have undergone. Unlike some courses, this program focuses on making students instantly hirable once the course has finished, providing problem sets that mirror real-world issues as well as little-known tools other boot camps lack.

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By the end of the course, attendees will have experience with visualization, regression analysis, business intelligence, preparing data, and even in storytelling – equipping them with sought-after skills and unique talents that will make them stand apart from other job-seekers.

Analytics Edge

This course is perfect for beginners, providing an introduction to R while also showing how data analytics can be used in the field and not just in the classroom, with hands-on examples of how they affect real world industries. Requiring only a basic knowledge of mathematics, it’s aimed at equipping students with analytic methods without lofty prerequisites that take both time and money.

The course lasts for eleven weeks with extensive problem sets and lectures, using the programming language of R, Libre office/Excel.

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