Forrester 2011 Predictions

2011 – The Year of Cloud Computing and BI?

Jessica Thornsby

Forrester analyst predicts big things for cloud computing and business intelligence next year.

Forrester analyst Holger Kisker has published his predictions for 2011 and, after the recent recession, things could be looking up for the software industry next year. Of 2,400 respondents surveyed in North America and Europe, 22% were planning to increase their software budgets by between 5% and 10%, with spending on new software licenses increasing from 23% to 26%. Custom-development budgets also seem set to rise from 23% to 24%. “Companies will invest a significant part of the additional budget into new solutions,” Kisker concludes.

And what about hot topic cloud computing in 2011? Kisker found that 44% of those surveyed were implementing, or planning to implement, SaaS solutions, although only 20% of those were planning to take the plunge and replace existing on-premise solutions with public cloud SaaS services. However, there will be another hot topic next year, according to Forrester: business intelligence. Over 49% of the companies taking part in the survey stated they had plans to implement or expand their use of business intelligence software over the next 24 months.

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