Top 10 growing IT career skills: Indeed report weighs in

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What are the best skills to learn when looking for a career in tech? Indeed published a report that will help you narrow in your focus on what to study, what to aim for, and what to ignore. Find out the top ten in-demand skills in tech and you’ll already be one step ahead!

As the year comes to a close, retrospect tells us that 2018 was a fast-paced year full of changes. This is apparent when you focus on career trends.

It’s easy to get confused by reports claiming to invest in skills. Do we really need to learn blockchain? What’s this serverless trend that everyone is talking about? This report breaks it down to the top trending tech skills of the year. Use this list to your advantage and come into your interviews prepared!

What skills grew in 2018 and what should potential job seekers focus on if they are looking for work in the tech field?

A report from Indeed analyzed the fastest-growing terms used by job seekers. Here are the top skills to learn.


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1. Kubernetes

Kubernetes, take the wheel! The well-loved open source container orchestration management tool is the number one fastest growing skill in 2018.

With a growth of 173%, there is no better time to dive in and learn the basics. (What does this mean for the “serverless or containers” conversation? Kubernetes and container technologies are not going anywhere.)

Recommended Kubernetes resources for further reading:

2. Magento

The open-source e-commerce platform by Adobe takes the number two spot with a rise of 116% job search growth. It was written in PHP and employs the MySQL database management system.

E-commerce jobs continue to grow. Explore Magento’s resource library full of links to webinars and guides.

3. Verilog

What is Verilog? It is a “Hardware Description Language” for modeling electronic systems.

This shows us that it isn’t just software that’s growing in the IT field. Hardware engineering is also an important facet with a 89% growth in Verilog’s job search growth.

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4. Golang

According to StackOverflow, Go is a high earner. Add the fact that job searches for Go rose 81% and you’ve got a solid programming language that’s in high demand.

Will the journey to Go 2 affect this growth? Join the official Go forum and find out how to jump on board this fast growing language.

5. Ansible

Automate the world! Ansible is an open source IT automation tool with a growth of 72%.

Learn how to break down silos with their available webinars and training.

6. Autocad

Autocad is a subscription-based computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting application. Its wide variety of users include graphic designers, engineers, and architects.

In 2018, searches for Autocad grew 71%. Learn more about its 2D documentation and 3D modeling features.

7. Laravel

PHP as a language may not show up on the top 10 list, however Laravel is an open source PHP framework for web artisans.

Laravel grew 66%, so it may be time to hop on over to some tutorials and learn how to develop a website using this framework. This is the second tool written in PHP on the top 10 list. Have you been ignoring this scripting language?

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8. React

Facebook’s JavaScript library for user interfaces takes the number eight spot, with a growth of 61%. Recently, the npm team released a report about the state of JavaScript and it showed that React’s growth is slowing. Will this continue or will React pick it back up in 2019?

Get an intro to React here and learn the techniques!

9. Node.js

Node.js is an open source asynchronous even driven JavaScript runtime environment. This year, it’s searches grew 57%. Adding to your JavaScript career toolkit is always useful, since JavaScript continues to be one of the most popular programming languages for both the enterprise and hobbyists.

Looking for help? Check out these resources on GitHub.

10. C

C is a general purpose programming language that has been in use since 1972. Not all languages have 46 years of experience to back them up! It rose 54%, proving its place in the career world.

Since C has been around for longer than some of us have, tutorials for it are easy to find, for whatever level of familiarity or speed that you need.

Honorable mentions

  • Being bilingual is a huge plus for your career in tech. Both Spanish and Chinese were in the top 20 growing skills. Spanish had a search growth of 46%, while Chinese had a search growth of 38%.
  • Yup, blockchain is still growing! Blockchain tech had a search growth of 44%.
  • Searches for job positions with Amazon doubled from last year.
  • Last year, Spark was in the top 10 list. This year it fell 47% and is nowhere to be found.
  • Other skills that fell in career popularity: Hadoop (down 64%), Ruby (down 23%), Tableau (down 15%), and R (down 8%).
  • The most searched programming languages in 2018 were JavaScript (up 17%) and Python (up 26%). It’s a safe bet to invest in these.
  • Searches for IT certifications are growing. People are searching for CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), Security+, and Network+.
  • The fastest growing company by tech job searches is Asurion (up 1061%), followed by Foxconn (up 454%).

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The takeaways from this research also proves that open source tech rises to the top! This past summer we explored the open source career trends of the year.

What technology will dominate in 2019? We asked our readers to gaze into the crystal ball and make some predictions. According to our readers, containers and serverless are nearly tied to grow in 2019. Predictions are dour for React Native, which readers think may fall behind, while Golang stays stagnant. Let’s wait and see which of these comes true!

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