Watch Andrea Giardini's talk at DevOpsCon 2017

From zero to DevOps: The Camunda journey


How can a young company keep up with everything that goes on in the DevOps world? Andrea Giardini talks about his experiences and the challenges his team had to overcome to build a highly-automated infrastructure.

The DevOps world is young and wild: new tools can become the hottest trend while others lose momentum in a short period of time, sometimes in unpredictable ways. For a young company with little experience on the topic, it can be difficult to understand which instruments are right to use, since everything seems to be moving at lightning speed! This is the story behind the online platform developed by Camunda to describe business processes collaboratively using BPMN.

During this talk, Andrea Giardini analyzes the challenges that his team had to face, how they reacted to them and how they managed to build a highly-automated infrastructure that allowed them to develop their product faster. He speaks about some best practices that they are following and how tools like Ansible, Terraform and Docker are used daily to deploy the product.

Andrea Giardini has been fascinated by the DevOps mindset since the early days of this movement. He has been working extensively with configuration management and cloud computing, gaining experience with different platforms. After working at CERN, where he wrote his master thesis about configuration management, he moved to Berlin where he is currently employed at Camunda as a DevOps engineer. Here he takes care of the infrastructure that hosts the new product by Camunda to write BPMN diagrams online collaboratively.
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