New WTP Sub-Project

XML Tools Project For Eclipse?

Jessica Thornsby

As the XML frameworks and plugins grow, Dave Carver suggests creating a sub-project to better facilitate their growth and visibility.

Dave Carver has posted a bug calling for a XML Tools sub-project at Eclipse. He advises keeping it under the Web Tools Platform (WTP) top-level project.

He believes this would reflect how Eclipse users are increasingly using the XML frameworks and plugins beyond the WTP project. XML elements are currently being used in the e4 project.

The XML Tools Project would provide a home for XML incubator projects that are nearing graduation, such as XQuery Development Tools and VEX. The XML Catalogs Test Suite could also reside in this proposed sub-project. Carver hopes that frameworks like XProc and SchemaTron could evolve in the XML Tools sub-project, and tooling around these technologies could be created.

The initial code would be populated with the existing WTP XML components, including XSD, XSL and XPath 2.0 Processor. The RelaxNG editor and XML Security plugin could also migrate to the sub-project, after they had matured. Ultimately, Carver wishes to see this sub-project cater to both OSGI related XML work and frameworks that do not require OSGI.

He is aiming to have a completed proposal by July/August 2010.

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