Interview with Jason Wojahn, CEO of Thirdera

“Customers are moving past the skill barrier of cloud platforms”

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We spoke with Jason Wojahn, CEO of Thirdera about the upcoming ServiceNow Knowledge 21 event kicking off this week. See what’s new in the ServiceNow and IT Service Management markets right now, what’s different, where the market is headed, and more.

JAXenter: The ServiceNow Knowledge 21 event kicks off this week. What is happening in the ServiceNow and IT Service Management markets right now that’s new and different?

Jason Wojahn: Customers are moving past the skill barrier of cloud platforms and moving toward driving more value. More than ever, companies today are looking for partners that can help them push their teams up the value chain and help them rationalize new and emergent technologies. With the increase in capabilities and features/functions of ServiceNow, there is a tremendous opportunity to drive more scale and relevance in workflows, and more synergistic value across clouds.

Also, the trend towards “digital work experience” to enable remote workers has accelerated at a drastic pace in the past year. This has changed the dynamic between IT and business users whereby IT is now seen as an enabler of business strategy and has to be nimble and creative to accommodate that strategy. For those companies using ServiceNow, it has been easier to scale and deliver faster results to meet business needs.

Once business leaders inside these companies recognize the adaptability of ServiceNow and IT’s ability to deliver, more requests for more enhanced changes are coming.

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JAXenter: Where are the ServiceNow and ITSM markets in general headed? What should channel companies and end-user companies be on the lookout for from a technology, industry or geo perspective? 

Jason Wojahn: In the value chain, companies are moving toward a greater emphasis on workflows and emerging technologies like AI, RPA, ML, Bots, etc. As well, there is a significant focus on UI/UX, mobility and experience.

You see ServiceNow following this pattern through the recent acquisitions and releases in their platform. These patterns are not geo specific, however, there are geographic-specific needs as it relates to security, data privacy and industry. Also, companies are beginning to put more emphasis on their data models in this context. These models are foundational to unlocking value in single source platforms as well as human + machine technologies and capabilities.

JAXenter: What is unique or special about how Thirdera is working with ServiceNow? Which services are your clients most interested in? 

Jason Wojahn: We are embracing ServiceNow as a much larger platform to enable business outcomes and enabling those dialogues with our customers.  ServiceNow’s executive ownership within a customer is often under the CIO but with little exposure to business leaders.

As Thirdera focuses on automating business solutions by creating industry applications that include intuitive interfaces and AI support, we are elevating ServiceNow to be a development platform of choice.

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