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WindowTester Pro 5.0 and WindowBuilder Pro 7.4

Jessica Thornsby

Instantiations have announced WindowTester Pro version 5.0 and WindowBuilder Pro version 7.4.

The former, is an Eclipse-based graphical user interface (GUI) for testing and designing products. New for version 5.0, are an Assertion Inspector tool, and support for Swedish and US keyboards. The key entry and embedded runtime support for Swing have also been enhanced.

The Java GUI builder, WindowBuilder Pro version 7.4, meanwhile, brings enhancements to its Standard Widget Toolkit FormLayout, and Google Web Toolkit Designer. WindowBuilder Pro’s ability to reverse-engineer code created by other GUI builders, has also been updated.

To purchase a singe unit of WindowBuilder Pro, developers can expect to pay $ 399. WindowTesterPro prices start from $999.


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