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Wildfly 19: MicroProfile 3.3 platform specification support

Sarah Schlothauer
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Wildfly 19 Final is ready for release and available to download. This release includes a number of MicroProfile upgrades, supporting MicroProfile 3.3 and introducing two new MicroProfile subsystems. See what the lightweight application runtime has to offer.

The Wildfly application server is a flexible, lightweight, managed application runtime that helps users create applications. Wildfly includes a fast start-up time, a small memory footprint and active memory management, as well as a customizable runtime.

Wildfly 19 Final is ready, out of beta, available to download, as of March 18, 2020. This release arrives thanks to the help of community contributions.

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MicroProfile upgrades in Wildflly 14

This release includes a number of new support upgrades for MicroProfile:

  • MicroProfile 3.3 support: WildFly supports MicroProfile specifications including MicroProfile Config 1.4, Fault Tolerance 2.1, Health Check 2.2, JWT Authentication 1.1, Metrics 2.3, OpenAPI 1.1, OpenTracing 1.3, and Rest Client 1.4.
  • New MicroProfile subsystems: microprofile-fault-tolerance-smallryemicroprofile-jwt-smallrye and microprofile-openapi-smallrye.
  • Two new MicroProfile configuration files: standalone-microprofile.xml and standalone-microprofile-ha.xml
  • New quickstarts: View the quickstarts on GitHub.

Jakarta EE and Java updates

WildFly 19 introduces compatible implementation with Jakarta EE 8 and is officially certified compatible with Java EE 8.

As for the JDK, WildFly currently runs best only on JDK versions with long-term support (8 or 11).

From the release notes by Brian Stansberry:

For the last couple of years we’ve worked to ensure our releases run well for most developer use cases on the most recent GA JDK version available on the WildFly final release date. Unfortunately, that has come to an end with WildFly 19 and the just-released JDK 14. We haven’t had time to digest some of the package removals in JDK 14, particularly in the security area.

When will support for JDK 14 or later arrive? Not any time soon. According to the release notes, it will not be a priority before WildFly 22.

So for now, stick with 8 or 11 for the best results as testing continues; WildFly will continue to support Java 8 up to version 21 and likely even beyond.

For Java 11 or higher, users can now use TLS 1.3 with WildFly. See more information about TLS 1.3 support on GitHub.

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Getting started

View the full release notes by Brian Stansberry, software engineer at Red Hat and WildFly project lead.

See the long list of resolved issues and upgrades included WildFly 19 in Jira.

Grab the new release from the downloads page. View the documentation for more information about WildFly, an administrator guide, developer guides, and model references.

All of the tech under the hood is also available in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.

What’s next on the agenda? The WildFly website is currently undergoing some big changes and implementing a more modern design. Check out the beta version as the last bits of tweaks and changes are underway.

If you would like to stay up to date with the latest news, lend feedback on the new release, or help contribute towards future versions, join the Google Group.

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