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WildFly 14 is now Java EE8 certified!

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Wildfly 14
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The new quarterly release system for WildFly is flying along. WildFly 14 is here, right on time, and with Java EE8 certification! We take a look at what’s available in the latest release for this application server.

WildFly 14 is here! This year, to avoid a long wait followed by a big bang of updates, WildFly switched to a quarterly release system. This means that developers have been able to gradually take advantage of Java EE8 functionality with each new WildFly release.

WildFly 14 is the culmination of this scheme: this release is Java EE8 certified! All of the Java EE8 functionality is here and available for developers to utilize. Additionally, now that EE8 is certified, the default EE7 has been dropped, along with the EE8 preview. Although the WildFly team has reached their goal of full Java EE8 integration, they will continue with this quarterly release system going forward.

WildFly 14 features

So, what’s in store for developers in WildFly 14?

Well, it’s certainly improved lots of Java EE8 functions. Here’s an overview of the new and updated standards in WildFly 14:

  • Java Servlet
  • Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java
  • Bean Validation
  • JavaServer Faces
  • JavaMail
  • Java API for RESTFul Web Services
  • Java API for JSON Processing
  • Java API for JSON Binding
  • Common Annotations for the Java Platform
  • Java EE Security
  • Java Persistence

This release for WildFly 14 also includes a great deal of additional support for MicroProfile. These MicroProfile standards include things like MP Config, MP OpenTracing, and MP Health.

New to WildFly 14 is the high performance connection pool backed by the Agroal project. Agroal is the natural database connection pool. Since this is a new pooling implementation, it must be explicitly turned on for developers to try it out. Right now, the IronJacamar JCA-based implementation is still the default. For more information, check out the full WildFly documentation.

Additionally, WildFly 14 now supports multiple web server configurations on a single WildFly instance. It has added the ability to declare and reference multiple mod-cluster configurations within its subsystem.

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Getting WildFly 14

WildFly is available here for free. Developers can choose between the Java EE full & web distribution, a servlet-only distribution, the application server source code, or the quick start source code.

As an open source project, WildFly relies on volunteers like you. Feel free to find something to work on: your efforts are highly appreciated!

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