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What’s new in the Raspberry Pi A+?

Coman Hamilton
The Raspberry Pi A+. © Raspberry Pi

The cheapest-yet model of the Raspberry Pi brings more pins and better audio for even less cost.

Raspberry Pi’s A+ upgrade has reached the warehouses of online shops around the world. Earlier this year in July, Raspberry Pi released the B+ upgrade of its B-Model single-board computer. Creator Eben Upton described it as the “final evolution” of the miniature computer.

It was only logical to also release a plus version of the A series, which sacrifices the ethernet connection for increased power efficiency.

Just like its predecessor, the British-made A+ comes with 256 MB of RAM (compared to 520 MB on the B+), one USB port and the same 700 MHz processor.

More pins, more efficient, more compact

The manufacturers have also made a number of interesting improvements to the specifications.

  • Only 65 mm long (previously 86 mm)
  • 40 GPIO pins
  • Compatable with HAT (“Hardware Attached on Top”) standard for add-on boards
  • 20-25% less power usage that the original model A
  • A dedicated low-noise power supply for better audio

The use of the new HAT standard means that the A+ will be compatible with all add-ons that work with its bigger brother B+. The reduced power also usage improves the device’s usability for embedded projects.

Arguably the most impressive modification is the £5 reduction in price. The latest model is available for order in the UK for around £15 and in the US for $20, although it should be noted that these prices are without shipping costs.

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Raspberry Pi made headlines last month when Mozilla announced its ambitions to release an official Firefox OS version for Raspberry Pi alongside Raspbian.

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