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What will 2013 bring? Thoughts on devops and more

Steve Harris of CloudBees, the CEO of ZeroTurnaround and, erm, Devops Borat look at the past and future of the industry.

Steve Harris, VP of Products, CloudBees

What three predictions do you have for the industry in 2013?

Enterprises will warm-up to public cloud, cool down on private cloud. Conventional enterprise wisdom will morph from “too much business risk for us to use public cloud” to “too much business risk if we don’t find a way to take advantage of public cloud”.

Leading Java middleware vendors will finally be in production in the public PaaS market. First they announced they’d do PaaS. Then they announced they’d done it, but it wasn’t in production. Then they announced it would be in production real soon now, but it really wasn’t. This year, you’ll finally be able to use a traditional middleware vendor’s notion of PaaS in production. It won’t be pretty.

Java will continue to make a comeback. The energy and activity in the Java community has been on the rise for a while now. It’s going to increase as ubiquitous cloud resources and the flatter as-a-service world add more innovation fuel to the fire. Even the most brazen hipsters will discover that the production demands for scale, stability, manageability and performance make Java backend systems the implementation strategy of choice.

What would be your personal “new year’s resolution” in terms of tools, languages etc?

I’d like to find the time to get beyond “Hello World” on iOS and deliver on a little app idea I had a while ago. Objective-C feels like walking in a comfortable old pair of Smalltalk shoes, and that would add to the fun.

Jevgeni Kabanov – CEO of ZeroTurnaround

What three predictions do you have for the industry in 2013?

I really dislike making predictions of this kind, since you can never really say much about the truly exciting stuff – the boring stuff is predictable. But I like this adage: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Ok, prepare for snarkiness…

  1. DevOps – There is a lot of noise around this, and though it’s not yet mainstream, these days every vendor with a product that is even tangentially related to it is slapping a “DevOps” label on top of it. LiveRebel at least is still firmly in the Ops category (although, it is made by Developers….). I predict that Oracle will announce a DevOps product in 2013, but won’t be released for some time. There is a rule for this, btw,  just add 5 years to the original date predicted and there you go! ;-)
  2. JVM languages – Regarding JVM languages, Java 8 is exciting and I see that being disruptive to other technologies that offer the same features. I also think that Scala uptake will continue to grow strong, occupying a particular niche.
  3. Platform as a Service – I predict that PaaS for Java is going to explode in 2013, but that the majority of them will struggle to find a growth area in the industry and ultimately not meet their long-term goals.

What were your personal highlights of the year?

From a personal point of view in 2012, I became CEO, spent a lot of personal time focused on the launch of a whole new LiveRebel, and spoke at about a dozen conferences. From a company perspective, I’m really proud to have more than doubled our employee base since Dec 2011 and brought the entire ZeroTurnaround team to Crete once again for a company retreat.

Despite our best efforts in 2012, millions of kittens have still suffered untimely deaths due to Java redeploys. Next year we resolve to cut the bloodbath down by 50%. Please help! ;-)

Devops Borat – Devops Evangelist, Twitter Personality

My top 3 prediction for 2013 are:
  1. Number of expert on Twitter is get double.
  2. Cloud is able of guarantee 100% uptime with not extra of work from devops.
  3. 2 out of 3 prediction from expert on Twitter are prove of wrong. 

(You can read more thoughts from Devops_Borat in our exclusive interview.)

Crystal ball photo by garryknight, Borat image by Greg Scales.



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