Eric Evans interview

What is Domain-Driven Design?

Coman Hamilton
Eric Evans at the JAX 2015 (© S&S Media)

Eric Evans, the author of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) explains the fundamental concept behind DDD and how it can help developers and designers in the inevitable move towards microservices.

Our focus shouldn’t be on the technology. It needs to be on the domain, argues Evans in his groundbreaking writings on DDD. After a keynote at the JAX 2015 in Mainz, Germany, Evans gave us his shortest-possible explanation of DDD, and commented on its potential advantages for dismantling monolithic systems – namely the “bounded contexts” of Microservices, which quickly reveal design problems and make individual components easy to replace.

Eric Evans is the author of Domain-driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software and a thought leader in software design, domain driven design and domain modelling and particularly focuses on strategic design. Eric is also a key contributor of and speaks at many industry conferences.

Coman Hamilton
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