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Welcome DataFX – JavaFX UI Controls made easy!

Chris Mayer

The latest project for JavaFX appears – and this one will make our lives easier.

It may seem like we’re bleating on about how good JavaFX is/is going to be, but with the wealth of projects springing up, the cause is well worth shouting about. Today the latest sub-project emerged, DataFX with a simple goal in mind – to provide a resource hub for UI controls.

Created and curated by Jonathan Giles and Johan Vos, DataFX does all  most of the hard work, so you don’t have to. Appearing on, DataFX is described as a ’collection of JavaFX data sources that make populating ListView and TableView controls easy, along with many powerful UI classes to simplify the conversion of data into information.

The duo created the project with two key ideas in mind to help developers wanting to use JavaFX in their project. The first goal is to provide a number of data source adapters to ensure convenience around populating JavaFX controls such as ListView, TreeView and TableView. The other goal in mind was to provide various control cell factories to make viewing and editing data in JavaFX controls easier.

On the project’s homepage, the raison d’être of DataFX is given:

In summary, this project aims to make the process of using JavaFX ListView, TableView, and TreeView controls easier, more functional, and more powerful. Initially, this project aims to support JavaFX 2.0 ListView and TableView controls, but future goals include TreeView and Charts support.

The code is free to use by all, as the library appears under a BSD license, and you can do what you want the code. No repercussions, except your own. The project has no formal link to Oracle, despite Giles being an Oracle employee in charge of JavaFX, so you can see where he fits in here. As stated within the DataFX FAQ ‘the DataFX APIs therefore do not necessarily represent in any way the future directions of the JavaFX project.’

At the moment, the source code isn’t yet available but that should change very soon. You can find all the API documentation here – we’re excited to see where this project goes. Get on board! Download the zip file here.


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