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Weekly round-up: GraalVM talk, Angular news, short history of Kotlin & more

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Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week we saw some great video content from JAX DevOps 2019, a short history of Kotlin, and learned how to start working with Kubernetes and Docker. Let’s take a look.

GraalVM: Run programs faster everywhere

Our first entry for this week’s digest is a great talk Oleg Šelajev gave at JAX DevOps earlier this year. Drawing from experience and using demos he discusses GraalVM’s uses, including how to use the JVM JIT compiler, run native and polyglot programs, how to compile them, and more.

Watch the full talk here.

Road to Angular v9: New release candidate 8.2.0-rc.0

We also saw a new release candidate in Angular 8.2.0-rc.0, which includes new bug fixes, performance improvements, and two new features.

Read the full Angular update here.

OpenXR 1.0 public release: Cross-platform virtual & augmented reality

OpenXR is a high-performance, flexible solution to the fragmentation when developing augmented reality or virtual reality apps and games. Last week, the Khronos Group announced the public release of OpenXR 1.0. Now, developers will not be locked into one platform. See what the future of virtual reality development holds and how it is evolving.

Read all about it here.

Jakarta EE & Eclipse MicroProfile – two names, one family?

Following the JCrete unconference where a group got to brainstorming about the future of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, Sebastian Daschner wrote a proposal as to how this relationship would look. We caught up with him and asked him some questions.

Read the interview with Sebastian Daschner here.

Kotlin gnaws at Java’s throne

The rise of Kotlin has been meteoric, and a new report sheds some light on Android developers’ preferences. We took a look at the recent history of Kotlin and traced its growth over the last couple of years, looked at the state of Kotlin today, and then looked briefly to the future. Will Kotlin eat more of Java’s share or will Java remain king of the hill?

Read this short history of Kotlin here.

What is Kubernetes and how does it relate to Docker?

Kubernetes is most often used with Docker containers, but it’s not strictly dependent upon them. So how do they work together? Our guest blog from Payara takes you through your first steps in the world of Kubernetes and Docker.

Read the full guide here.

The trendy five: Beat the heat with our favorite July 2019 repos

We took a break from the sun, got indoors, and checked out some of the hottest GitHub repos. This month, some of our favorite GitHub repos from July 2019 included an extensible Java-Fx based alternative to Postman, an autonomous car platform, and a bit of space travel history that’s out of this world.

See the trendy five here.



But that’s not all

Last week was so full of interesting news and great content, here’s a few more highlights for you:

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