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Weekly round-up: The GitHub/Microsoft bomb, Angular 6.1.0 beta & more

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Every Monday we take a step back and take a look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week was a particularly crazy one! GitHub was acquired by Microsoft, the Angular 6.1.0 beta season begun, and so much more!

The git-omic bomb

At the beginning of last week, we were shaken by the news that Microsoft acquired GitHub, the “parent” of social coding, for $7.5 billion that is expected to close by the end of the year.

According to the official announcement, GitHub is entitled to retain its developer-first ethos and will operate independently to provide an open platform for all developers in all industries while its current CEO, Chris Wanstrath, will become a Microsoft technical fellow, reporting to Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie, to work on strategic software initiatives.

The frenzy of these new developments gave birth to the “git wars”, with thousands of projects migrating to GitLab only a few hours after the announcement.

However, this migration is not as straightforward as it seems. The reasoning behind the choice to migrate to GitLab can be twofold; either Microsoft is perceived as a threat or GitLab is simply seen as the superior platform.

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On the road to Angular v7

Now that Angular v6 is here, it’s time to look toward the future, which happens to be all about Angular v7. What will this version bring? We don’t know yet but we’re pretty excited to see the bits and pieces and then put everything together this Fall.

Have a look at the review of the 6.1.0 beta release here.

Off with its head

Have you ever used Nashorn? If you’re interested, you might want to put it on your to-do list because the Nashorn JavaScript script engine and APIs, as well as the jjs tool might soon be deprecated. Reason? “Challenging to maintain,” as explained in JEP 335.

When it was released, it was a complete implementation of the ECMAScript-262 5.1 standard. With the rapid pace at which ECMAScript language constructs, along with APIs, are adapted and modified, we have found Nashorn challenging to maintain.

GraalVM: 1.0-rc2 is here

GraalVM 1.0-rc2 has just been released with both the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition binaries publicly available for download. The highlights of the new release include:

  • GraalVM for Java developers
  • Native image generation
  • Updated from Node.js 8.9.4 to Node.js to 8.11.1
  • LLVM interpreter for C/C++ & other native languages
  • API changes for GraalVM integrators
  • Get started with GraalVM

For a detailed overview of the highlighted features, have a look here.

JDK 11: ZGC joins the JEP party

The countdown to JDK 11 has begun –sort of– and the list of JEPs is getting longer. Right now, there are 13 JEPs targeted to JDK 11, which is actually pretty great considering that JDK 10 had 12 features.

The latest JEP targeted to JDK 11 is experimental but we’re happy to see ZGC on the list, especially since its goal is to “make Java a more attractive platform for an even wider set of applications by removing or drastically reducing the length of GC pauses.”

For a more detailed overview, have a look here.

JAX Developers Puzzle is back!

Meet Jane, Alison, David, and Ben!

Find what language and how much time did each of them used to finish their project for a chance to win a complimentary JAX London 2018 ticket!

Trivial pursuit: MapR edition

The weekly pub quiz is here again to challenge you!

Last week, Pinakin Patel challenged us with a series of interesting trivia questions on MapR! Test your knowledge here… if you dare!

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