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Weekly round-up: Angular v8 beta.5, first look at JDK 13 & more

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Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week was pretty quiet with just a couple of new releases going live.

On the road to Angular v8

The beta season for Angular v8 began in mid-January and we’re eager to see the final result. The sixth beta is already here but even though Angular v8.0.0 is set for general availability around May, the team put up a warning that the plan is subject to change and a fixed schedule cannot be set. but things are definitely speeding up with beta.5 going live last week. Check out our thread here to find out the four new features introduced with the latest beta release.

Julia takes the stage while PHP continues its five-year slump

Programming languages go through cycles; it’s up to us to know when to switch to the latest new thing. Here’s a look at the internet’s collective wisdom about programming languages: the PYPL Index! Looks like Python and Java are on top, Julia is rising quickly, and PHP continues to slump for the 5th year in a row.

Check out our overview here.

The latest Atlassian survey is here

Finding out the latest trends for development can be difficult for the average developer. That’s why Atlassian’s recent survey is such a helpful look at what’s going on in the field. Apparently, microservices are in, monoliths are out, and absolutely everyone has to switch to automated testing for CI/CD deployment.

Have a look at the most interesting highlights here.

First look at JDK 13

We are almost a month away from the general availability of JDK 12 but it is already time to move forward! The development repositories for JDK 13 are open and last week we had a look at one new JEP candidate. Check out all the information on JEP 349 here.


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