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Weekly round-up: Angular v7 and IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3, JDK 12 & more

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Every Monday we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. JDK 11 is almost upon us but that’s no excuse to chill! The tech world is moving fast and we ‘re in for the ride! Last week, we had some JDK 12 news, a new Kotlin/Native release and much more!

JDK 12 patrol

The countdown to JDK 11 is almost over but we just can’t stand still! The JDK 12 development repositories are open and we thought it’s time to start a new thread in order to keep track of everything that’s going live. Last week we had 2 new JEP candidates and two proposed to target coming up!

You can follow our thread here.

Kotlin/Native v0.9 is here!

It’s been almost two months since Kotlin/Native v0.8 was released so now it’s time for a new round of improvements. Kotlin/Native 0.9 is here and it brings a lot of goodies including support for a stable version of kotlin.coroutines, as well as Kotlin 1.3-M2 support.

Take a look at the highlights here.

IntelliJ IDEA 2018 progress report

Time to check in on IntelliJ IDEA 2018! last week, we were thrilled to see that the Early Access Program for IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 has opened and it’s stuffed with tons of new features!

Take a closer look at what the JetBrains team prepared for us here!

On the road to Angular v7

Beta.5 arrives with nine bug fixes and two features in tow! Follow our thread here and keep up with everything that that goes live in the Angular world!

WildFly 14 is now Java EE8 certified!

WildFly 14 is here! This year, to avoid a long wait followed by a big bang of updates, WildFly switched to a quarterly release system. This means that developers have been able to gradually take advantage of Java EE8 functionality with each new WildFly release.

WildFly 14 is the culmination of this scheme: this release is Java EE8 certified! Check out our overview of the newest release here.

Trivial pursuit: Couchbase edition

The weekly pub quiz is here again to challenge you!

In last week’s trivia, Perry Krug challenged us with a series of interesting trivia questions on Couchbase! Test your knowledge here… if you dare!


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