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Weekly round-up: JavaFX 11, Angular v7 beta.6, Kotlin 1.3 & more

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Every Monday we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week we had pretty big news for the Java world with JavaFX 11 becoming generally available. We also had a new Angular v7 beta, Kotlin 1.3 RC and more!

JavaFX 11 is here!

Starting with JDK 11 [due tomorrow!], the JavaFX modules are delivered separately from the JDK. Meet JavaFX 11, the first standalone JavaFX release.

The GA version of JavaFX 11 can be downloaded by going to the site or by accessing javafx modules from maven central at openjfx:javafx-COMPONENT:11 (where COMPONENT is one of base,  graphics, controls, and so forth), according to the message announcing the release. Read more here.

On the road to Angular v7

A new milestone has been reached: beta.6 is here!

This beta has been a long time coming. The previous beta was released in early September but we can now see why; the seventh beta has lots to offer, including 10 bug fixes and six features.

One can see that both Ivy and Bazel are on the right track. See for yourself here.

Kotlin 1.3 RC is out

This release is more of a clean-up with a bunch of bug fixes rather than new features but it does foreshadow some big news.

Coroutines will graduate to stable status in Kotlin 1.3!

So this is the time to migrate libraries using old experimental coroutines in order to get them ready by the time 1.3.0 is out. You can find detailed guidelines on the migration path for users of experimental kotlinx.coroutines library in the official blog post. Check out our overview here.

Eclipse SDK project has been released

We welcomed Eclipse Photon in June but now it’s time for a fresh start. The Eclipse SDK project is here.

As you might already know, it’s part of the 2018-09 release, which marks Eclipse Foundation’s first quarterly Simultaneous Release. You can download the Eclipse SDK and related resources from the Eclipse Project downloads page. The Eclipse installer and other packages can be downloaded from the Eclipse Installer page.

Take a closer look at what’s in for Java developers here.

JDK 12 patrol

The JDK 12 development repositories are open and we thought it’s time to start a new thread in order to keep track of everything that’s going live. Last week we added 1 new JEP candidate to the list.

Follow our thread and make sure you don’t miss a single update on everything that goes down in JDL 12.

Tech history 101 — New JAXenter series

Now that our trivia series has come to a conclusion, we wouldn’t want you to cry over the void it left! So, we start a brand new fun and informative series to keep you company, entertain, and educate you! Here is “Know your history” — part two!

Class is in session with the most enduring programming languages of our time — Java!


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