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Weekly round-up: Java 12 news, TypeScript 3.1, Angular v7 RC & more

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Every Monday we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week we had big announcements coming our way with Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation announcing their intention to form a unified ecosystem. TypeScript 3.1 was released, Angular v7 RC becomes available & much more!

Node.js and JavaScript to form a unified ecosystem

We have some big news coming from the JavaScript universe! Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation announced their intention to form a unified ecosystem – in other words, merge!

But why is Node.js such an important part of the JavaScript ecosystem and what led to that merger? What are the possible implications the merger of Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation could have on the community and day to day usage and projects?

We invite you to participate in our poll and let us know what’s your take on this turn of events.

JDK 12 patrol

JDK 11 is here but that’s no excuse to chill! The tech world is moving fast and we’re in for the ride! The JDK 12 development repositories are open and we thought it’s time to start a new thread in order to keep track of everything that’s going live. Today we are excited to see the first two JEPs being targeted to JDK 12 plus two JEP drafts.

Follow our thread and make sure you don’t miss a single update on everything that goes down in JDL 12.

TypeScript 3.1 arrives

About three months after the last update, one of the fastest ascending programming languages is back with another release – TypeScript 3.1 is out and loud!

The new release includes some important updates and new features, as well as some breaking changes. Check out our overview of the latest release here.

On the road to Angular v7

The beta season is officially over. Now that the release candidate phase has begun, we’re one step closer to the grand revealing. Angular v7 should be released this month.

The first RC brings one feature. Check it out here.

Spring Tool Suite reworked: Meet Spring Tools 4

After many years of updates and improvements to the famous Spring Tool Suite and the Spring IDE components for Eclipse, the time has come to welcome a new era in Spring tooling. Please welcome the brand new Spring Tools 4.

Spring Tools 4 is a completely new set of tools, built from the bottom up to work with Spring projects in your favorite IDEs and editors.

Take a look at our review here.

Tech history 101 — New JAXenter series

Now that our trivia series has come to a conclusion, we wouldn’t want you to cry over the void it left! So, we start a brand new fun and informative series to keep you company, entertain, and educate you! Here is “Know your history” — part four!

Class is in session with one of the biggest trends in the IT world — Cloud computing!


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