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Weekly round-up: Road to Angular v9, Apache Storm v2.0 & more

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It’s already Tuesday and you may have thought that we skipped this week’s round-up, but you are wrong! We are here with the most interesting news that went down last week including the release of Apache Storm v2.0 as well as a new Angular thread.

The trendy five

Pick through the trending GitHub projects page and pick our your favorite array for a spring bouquet. As we entered June, we had a look at some of the coolest GitHub repos that trended in May 2019, including a renderless rich-text editor for Vue.js, an in-progress mathematical diagram creator, a new way to create a portfolio from GitHub, and more!

Have a look here.

VS Code version 1.35

What’s new in VS Code’s monthly update? The May 2019 (version 1.35) release adds a new icon overhaul, Go to Definition improvements, Breadcrumbs displayed by default, updated Octicons, and a few more features.

Check out some of the highlights here.

Launch build containers with Floki

As container usage spreads, the number of tools in the ecosystem grows. Floki is an open source tool aims to help users launch and use interactive Docker containers, without any Docker run commands. It features Docker-in-Docker support and can forward host user information.

Check it out here.

Apache Storm v2.0

The latest major release from Apache Storm introduces some new changes and improvements. Apache Storm v2.0.0 rearchitects from Clojure to pure Java and improves user performance with a new high-performance core.

See what’s new here.

Road to Angular v9

Now that Angular v8 is here, it’s time to embark on a new journey: towards the next release! It’s never too soon to look forward to the future, and we are already watching for Angular v9. What’s new?

Follow our new thread here and always stay up to date with the latest Angular news!

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