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Weekly round-up: Big week for Android enthusiasts, IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1.3, Deeplearning4j quiz

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Every Monday we take a step back and take a look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week was a particularly exciting one for Android enthusiasts since Google made some big announcements at its I/O conference!


A bag full of intelligence

Machine learning news is coming from every direction. When will it be enough? Never! The most recent event is Google’s announcement – the release of the beta version for Android P, its latest mobile operating system.

Determined to make an easier, smarter and more convenient user interface, Google stuffed the new release with a number of machine learning features. How much smarter can we make a smartphone? Apparently, we are not even halfway there yet! New system navigation, smart adaptive features and a more active approach to digital wellbeing; all add up to a slick smartphone with a machine learning core.

Gather round for the first stable release of Android Things

It’s time for the first stable release of Android Things.

You remember Android Things, right? It was first introduced as a developer preview in December 2016 and, eight release candidates later, the first stable release is ready to see the light of day. Dave Smith, Developer Advocate for IoT announced the good news in a recent blog post.

Android Things is Google’s managed OS that enables you to build and maintain Internet of Things devices at scale. We provide a robust platform that does the heavy lifting with certified hardware, rich developer APIs, and secure managed software updates using Google’s back-end infrastructure, so you can focus on building your product.

First Early Access build of standalone JavaFX SDK

Things are indeed moving forward! It’s been just a couple of months since Oracle announced they would be decoupling JavaFX from the JDK starting with JDK 11 and now the first Early Access build of standalone JavaFX SDK is here.

This is an early access build, from the OpenJFX project, of a standalone JavaFX library. It is built from the mainline repo. This library is delivered as a set of modules, along with the native code needed to run JavaFX, that can be run using a JDK 10 build or a JDK 11 EA build.

Application developers and OpenJFX contributors can now test running their applications with an unbundled (standalone) JavaFX library.

Keeping track of IntelliJ IDEA 2018’s progress

How are things developing for IntelliJ IDEA 2018? Well, 2018.1.3 is here. No longer just for early access, IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1.3 is now properly released and available for download. We already went over a lot of what’s in this release (see below), but let’s take a look at what else this stable update has to offer.

Probably the biggest thing we haven’t already covered is the update for the built-in JRE. Switching to 1.8.0_152-release-1136-b38 has a number of benefits. Check out the full review of the new release here.

Trivial pursuit: Deeplearning4j edition

The weekly pub quiz is here again to challenge you!

In last week’s trivia, Skymind challenged us with a series of interesting trivia questions on Deeplearning4j! Test your knowledge here… if you dare!

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