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Weekly Review: Women and girls in science, carbon footprints, Angular 9 and more

Maika Möbus
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Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week, Angular 9 continued to spark your interest as we took a closer look at Ivy, the new compiler it has on board. Other topics include the latest version of Groovy, the International Day of Women & Girls in Science, and how to build better microservices.

Angular 9 – The Future of Angular with Ivy

Angular 9 has the long-anticipated compiler Ivy on board. It reduces bundle size, but that’s not all. Ivy has great potential for the future of Angular! In this talk at International JavaScript Conference, Manfred Steyer explains what is possible with Ivy.

See what Ivy can do in the conference video.

Groovy 3.0: New default parser & Java-style Lambda syntax

After several release candidates and years of work, we welcomed the latest version of Groovy: version 3.0. This Java-syntax-compatible language hits a new milestone and adds plenty of improvements and brand new capabilities. The biggest change in Apache Groovy 3.0 is the new parser, Parrot, which adds support for additional syntax and new language features.

See what’s new in Groovy 3.0.

Today is International Day of Women & Girls in Science – so let’s celebrate!

The annual International Day of Women & Girls in Science took place last week on February 11. To celebrate the day, Sarah Daren took a look at female STEM specialists’ accomplishments, how to deal with obstacles that are keeping girls and women from pursuing a career in science, and how we can continue working towards gender equality.

Read our celebratory post here. We also published a collection of inspiring quotes from our series Women in Tech.

Helidon 2.0.0-M1: Better microservices building with Java libraries

Before Helidon version 2.0 arrives later this year, we caught a preview of some of its upcoming features with the Helidon 2.0.0-M1 release. Helidon is a collection of Java libraries that made building microservices easier and 2.0 has some big changes in store, including GraalVM support, a new database client, a command line tool, web client, and extended Jakarta EE specifications support.

See what’s planned for Helidon 2.0.0 here.

Cloud Computing and Carbon Footprint

And, last but not least, we decided to shine some light on carbon footprints. Consider the following scenario: We are somewhere in the early 2020’s. As a result of a couple of viral tweets or a media report, your company’s carbon footprint suddenly becomes a public matter and maybe even a serious publicity issue. Management decides that it’s time to become more environmentally conscious by powering offices from renewable energy, buying electric company cars and by making attempts to establish remote working or cut down on business flights.

Read more about carbon footprints here.


But that’s not all

Last week was so full of interesting news and great content, here’s a few more highlights for you:

Maika Möbus
Maika Möbus has been an editor for Software & Support Media since January 2019. She studied Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

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