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Weekly Review: PHP in decline, JavaFX 13 & Jakarta EE 8

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Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week the September TIOBE Index was published, provoking an interesting discussion about PHP, and two big new releases hit the ground running: JavaFX 13 and Jakarta EE 8. Let’s take a look.

What a wild ride last week proved to be! With the release of both Jakarta EE 8 and JavaFX 13 on Tuesday we dedicated a lot of the week to features and interviews about them, but this morning I want to start by highlighting an article about PHP that provoked lively discussion over the weekend.

PHP in decline: The rise and fall of a programming language

Once upon a time, PHP was one of the most popular programming languages. Now it’s slowly fading in popularity, especially with the rise of languages such as Python. According to the TIOBE Index for September 2019, PHP is struggling to keep its spot in the top 10 programming languages. Is it time to lower the casket, or does this language have some kick left in it?

Read the full PHP and TIOBE conversation here.

JavaFX 13 released – the new frontier for OpenJFX

JavaFX 13 was released last week, bringing with it some much-requested new features. We not only have the JavaFX 13 release news where we look at what’s new in detail, but also one interview with Java Champion and Gluon co-founder Johan Vos and another interview with Java Champion Dirk Lemmermann.

Jakarta EE 8 – a new age of enterprise Java is upon us

Jakarta EE 8 got its official release as well, along with an online conference to celebrate. Of course, we wrote about the new release and what it means for the future of enterprise Java, we also sat down for an interview with Eclipse Foundation Executive Director, Mike Milinkovich. We had a great article from Thilo Frotscher about Jakarta EE 8, as well as some blog posts from big names in Jakarta EE, Tanja Obradovic and Arjan Tijms.

Road to Angular v9: 9.0.0-next.6 has a breaking change and code refactoring for bazel

Of course, in spite of everything that’s happening we still have an eye on the other news, so we didn’t overlook the latest Angular update. It includes a breaking change and code refactoring for bazel, as well as the usual handfuls of features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Read the Angular 9 release notes here.

Tide Protocol uses blockchain to improve password security by 14 million percent

Facebook, Capital One, Marriot International – we’re so used to emails asking us to change our passwords because of a data breach that we barely bat an eyelid now. I’m not saying that we should stop changing our passwords, but what if massive data breaches became a thing of the past? Well Tide might just have a found a way to do that.

Read more about blockchain splintering here.



But that’s not all

Last week was so full of interesting news and great content, here’s a few more highlights for you:

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