Watch Anastasiia Miroshnichenko's International JavaScript Conference session

WebAR: The augmented reality for your browser

JAXenter Editorial Team

What is the next step for augmented reality? WebAR brings extended reality to the web. In this talk, you will learn about Three.js, Mozilla’s A-Frame, and Apple’s AR Quick Look. Take a trip and discover a new emerging field of dynamic web development.

Are you ready for a wild journey through modern day web-augmented reality? On this trip, we’ll tour through what X-Reality (the X stands for extended) has to offer developers. Our main stops include a planet called Three.js, where we’ll meet the 3D models that inhabit the real world. We’ll also take a quick look at its satellite, Mozilla’s A-Frame. And no trip would be complete without visiting Apple’s AR Quick Look. So take a seat, fasten your seat belt, and let’s go!


webAnastasiia Miroshnichenko is a young web developer, highly inspired by upcoming technologies. She works at Saint Elmo’s Berlin where she explores the new world of Augmented Reality. Her number one goal is to see just how strong the force of JavaScript can be!

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