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VS Code version 1.35: Icon update, Go to Definition improvements, & more

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What’s new in VS Code’s monthly update? The May 2019 (version 1.35) release adds a new icon overhaul, Go to Definition improvements, Breadcrumbs displayed by default, updated Octicons, and a few more features. Check out some of the highlights.

Time for another regularly scheduled monthly update from Visual Studio Code; the May 2019 update has landed. This month marks VS Code version 1.35.

According to the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, VS Code ranked the most popular development environment. In 2019, it keeps delivering. This open source, lightweight code editor has a host of language extensions, as well as out of the box support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js.

New updates and features

Here are some of the new and noteworthy features added with the latest May 2019 release.

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  • New logo for Stable and Insiders: The Visual Studio code icon received a fresh overhaul and some retouching. According to the GitHub issue, the previous logo was hard to see on certain taskbars and Windows UI, and some colorblind people could not distinguish the logo from Visual Studio 2017. (For users who do not see the icon yet, follow this guide on how to clear the icon cache.)
  • Go to Definition improvements: Multiple results are now shown in the Peek view when a symbol has multiple definitions. Users can jump to each subsequent definition with F12. Peek view also now supports search and filter, in order to easily narrow down search results and find what you’ve been looking for. Various other quality of life updates such as the ability to cancel long running requests were added as well.
  • Breadcrumbs on by default: Toggle this in the menu View > Toggle Breadcrumbs.
  • Smart semantic selection: JavaScript and Typescript support the smart selection API.
  • Extract to type alias refactoring for TypeScript: Extract part type into its own type alias simply and easily.
  • Better suggestion sorting: Fine-tuned suggestion sorting for JavaScript and TypeScript now prioritizes local variables.
  • True color support: The terminal gets a new coat of paint and supports 24-bit true color.
  • merge-conflict.diffViewPosition: Open a diff view in a new editor group and compare merge conflicts with a more complete context.
  • Command enablement property: Control enabled state with a new property. When a command is disabled, it will show up greyed out in the menu.
  • Updated Octicons: Updated and new icons.


From the release notes, a few improvements and bug fixes fixes also ship with this version, including:

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  • Ability to clear history in References view
  • Collapse All command keyboard shortcut
  • New documentation for the VS Code Remote Development preview feature

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