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VS Code version 1.36: New Java installer, indent guides & more

Chris Stewart
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What’s new in VS Code’s monthly update? The June 2019 release (version 1.36) adds a new Java installer, indent guides, and more. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

The June VS Code update has landed. As always, the folks at Microsoft have been busy. This month comes with a number of changes, the most important of which are summarized below.

New Java installer

The new Java installer will help developers just getting started, or who want to work with Java in VS Code for the first time. During the installation process, the installer will check if the JDK (Java Development Kit), VS Code, and necessary extensions are present. If something is missing, it can download and install that for you as well. So whether it’s just the Java-related components that are missing, or the whole thing, this new installer will take care of it.

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Indent guides

Tree view now supports indent guides, which means it is now possible to have a clear overview of a project’s folder structure. It is now also possible to control how the indent guides behave; they can be shown, hidden, or only visible when hovering over them.


TypeScript 3.5.2 is included in this update, fixing a handful of bugs that were present in the previous version. For users of TypeScript 3.4 and newer, there is now also the option to use two TypeScript servers. One to handle syntax-based operations, and one to handle project processing, IntelliSense, error reporting, etc. For now the feature is labeled “experimental”.

More feature highlights

In addition to the features discussed above, this update also includes the ability to show or hide status bar items, an improved terminal shell selector, sequential task execution, and jump to cursor debugging. You can also now disable text wrapping in the debug console to keep going on one line.

Read the full update on the Visual Studio Code website.

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