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VS Code version 1.34: Preview the Remote Development feature

Sarah Schlothauer
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What’s new in VS Code’s monthly update? The April 2019 (version 1.34) release adds a preview for remote development extensions, an update to CodeLens, some bug fixes, and a new terminate all tasks command. Check out some of the highlights.

Time for another regularly scheduled monthly update from Visual Studio Code; the April 2019 update has landed. This month marks VS Code version 1.34.

According to the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, VS Code ranked the most popular development environment. In 2019, it keeps delivering. This open source, lightweight code editor has a host of language extensions, as well as out of the box support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js.

New updates and improvements

Here are some of the new and noteworthy features added with the latest April 2019 release:

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Preview feature: Remote development

The VS code team spent a lot of time in April working on remote development extensions. As it says in the documentation: “These extensions let you work with VS Code over SSH on a remote machine or VM, in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), or inside a Docker container.”

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You can download the remote development extension pack, (it requires Visual Studio Code Insiders). Since it runs commands and extensions on the remote machine, you do not need source code on your local machine.

This pack contains three extensions:

Refer to the documentation for more details. Running into issues? Check out some tips and tricks and the FAQ.

As always, Visual Studio Code is looking for proposed APIs. Have an idea? Contribute and you might see your work in a monthly update.

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