The April 2020 update has arrived

VS Code 1.45 speeds up syntax highlighting and supports GitHub authentication

Maika Möbus
Visual Studio Code
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Microsoft has released the latest version of its free source code editor Visual Studio Code. The April 2020 update adds accessibility features and faster syntax highlighting. It also improves GitHub integration for automatic GitHub authentication. Let’s take a closer look.

The monthly update of VS Code has been announced. Visual Studio Code 1.45 comes with lots of new features and improvements that the team was working on in April, and has received positive feedback on Twitter:

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Syntax highlighting, GitHub authentication & more

Visual Studio Code 1.45 adds several new features for the editor. For example, syntax highlighting should now run up to three times faster. This is accomplished by using a new WebAssembly binding that is optimized for VS Code’s TextMate interpreter.

As a new language feature, VS Code now shows the current TypeScript version in the status bar. This works when you are focused on a TypeScript file, and looks like this, as shown in the release notes:

GitHub integration has been upgraded as well: VS Code now comes with automatic GitHub authentication for clone, pull, and push against public and private GitHub repositories. This also applies to Git commands in the Integrated Terminal such as git push. The terminal authentication integration can be disabled via the git.terminalAuthentication setting, andGitHub authentication can be disabled via the git.githubAuthentication setting.


The VS Code team is continuously working on improving accessiblity, and the progress can be followed on GitHub.

In the April 2020 update, the new Focus Next Part (F6) and Focus Previous Part (Shift + F6) commands were added for easier navigation across the workbench and the status bar has become accessible and readable for screen readers when focused. Additionally, appropriate ARIA labels have been introduced across every list and tree widget in the workbench.

Other updates

Synchronizing settings across machines is still in preview mode for VS Code Insiders, and in VS Code 1.45 it offers a new option: Users can now sign in with their GitHub account to synchronize their VS Code preferences.

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Several bugs have been fixed in this update as well. For example, getWordRangeAtPosition should no longer freeze the extension host, and when using the Windows Terminal as an external terminal, it should now launch in the workspace directory.

See the release notes for more details on VS Code 1.45.

Maika Möbus
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