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VS Code 1.44 includes a stable release of Timeline view & Python tutorials

Maika Möbus
Visual Studio Code
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Microsoft’s source code editor Visual Studio Code has received its monthly update. The March 2020 update brings Timeline view out of preview mode but doesn’t forget to add new features as well, and it also closes several accessibility issues that the community had reported. Let’s take a closer look.

Every month, Microsoft releases a new version of Visual Studio Code—and now v1.44 has arrived. This update addresses several accessibility issues and adds new features, so let’s dive right in.

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Timeline view and accessibility

Last month, Timeline view was added to VS Code as a preview feature for visualizing time-series events such as Git commits. Now it’s stable and enabled by default, so take a look and give it a try.

Microsoft keeps track of VS Code’s accessibility issues via community feedback, and with this release, several issues have been solved. For example, diff view now lets you use F7 and Shift + F7 for navigation. It now also supports Stage / Unstage / Revert Selected Ranges commands. Other updates include behavior tuning of the Quick Pick widget and CodeLens.

Python tutorials

Python users can now follow two new tutorials for either usage with Docker containers or for data science.

The first tutorial explains how to build a Python application in a Docker container and requires Docker Desktop as well as the VS Code Docker extension. The second tutorial teaches you how to use Python data science libraries and create a basic machine learning model. If you don’t already have the full Anaconda version—a Python distribution for scientific computing—installed, you can also use Miniconda with Python 3.7.

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Other updates in VS Code 1.44 include new options for the preview feature of synchronizing settings across machines. Additional features for Quick Open (Ctrl + P) are on board as well and it has been migrated to the latest list control.

See the full list of updates in VS Code 1.44 in the release notes.

Maika Möbus
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