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VS Code 1.37 updates with new product icons. Yea or nay?

Sarah Schlothauer
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What’s new in VS Code? Version 1.37 is here and with it comes some new features and a number of updates. This time around the update includes a refreshed icon update, a few language improvements for TypeScript, improved error reporting, and more. See what’s shiny and new in Visual Studio Code this month.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code remains a fan favorite for code editing. According to the results of the Stack Overflow 2019 developer survey, it is currently the most popular development environment, beating out big names like IntelliJ and Vim. When we interviewed Erich Gamma, Microsoft Distinguished Engineer back in 2016, he stated: “Our goal is quite simple: We want VS Code to become the most popular code editor”. Achievement reached!

The update for July 2019 is here. Welcome version 1.37. Read on to see some of the newest highlights.

New icons. Yea or nay?


Time for a refresh. This update makes some icon changes. Now all the VS Code product icons are standardized and match Windows 10: same style, color, and line weight. Before, a lot of icons differed in their iconography style.

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Do you like the new icons? Are they more consistent or are they more difficult to view?

A few commenters on the GitHub issue aren’t so happy with the redesign and are asking for an option to switch back to the old icons. Read the comments and learn about some users’ concerns for accessibility and style.

Users are also having an issue with missing Git icons in the new release.

New product icons. Source.

Terminal UX improvements

The terminal gets a few changes this time around. Now, when searching in the terminal, instead of wrapping to the top when you reach the bottom, it will start at the bottom of the buffer and search upwards. This is easier on the eyes and will hopefully cause less confusion.

vs code

Improved terminal search. Source.

A few accessibility improvements for screen readers have also been made, including:

  • Line navigation mode for screen readers, with new customizable commands.
  • Screen readers will announce characters when typed and removed in a majority of cases.
  • Non-breaking space characters now used for blank lines, enabling screen readers to announce them properly.

The terminal also receives improved error reporting and diagnostics. Now, in the case of several common scenarios, error messages will provide the user with a guide on how to rectify the problem at hand.

Miscellaneous VS Code additions

Version 1.37 brings a lot of miscellaneous improvements and quality of life updates.

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  • Now selected text in the editor will show whitespace.
  • Improved minimap search results visibility. Decorations colors can also be changed.
  • Info colors now follow the unification of warning colors.
  • Improved navigation for SCSS @import: No longer resolves SCSS imports statically.
  • Improved CSS property value competition
  • Split server now default for JavaScript and TypeScript, offering quicker syntax-based operations.
  • Smart selection supported for Java

Of course, no update is complete without bug fixes and version 1.37 comes with some fixed issues.

Sarah Schlothauer

Sarah Schlothauer

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Sarah Schlothauer is an assistant editor for She received her Bachelor's degree from Monmouth University and is currently enrolled at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany where she is working on her Masters. She lives in Frankfurt with her husband and cat. She is also the editor for Conditio Humana, an online magazine about ethics, AI, and technology.

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Alex Verzea
Alex Verzea

I just woke up to see this mess. The icons are very ugly and I hate the new chevrons. They have to allow us to revert or I switch back to IntelliJ.


I agree. These icons are a mess. I don’t like having worse icons forced upon me.

Ed Show
Ed Show

Totally agree. Hate the new icons. Back to 1984 ZX Spectrum. Congrats.

Sachin Hegde
Sachin Hegde

I agree, I am trying to find a fix online or tinker around in the settings to get back some of the icons. The new ones lack color (like the clear search or clear reference list icon) and make it less intuitive to the users.

+1 for an opt-in to change icons back.

Herman van der Blom
Herman van der Blom

No you won’t go back because you know code is much better…

Ahmad Dawood <ahmadfouaddawood@gmail.
Ahmad Dawood <ahmadfouaddawood@gmail.

Excellent update and interface and builtin icons , ms done a good job , excellent improvements especially in loading and auto competition
vscode is out of the box ide

Ed Show
Ed Show

Hate the new icons. Going back in time. It’s 1984 ZX Spectrum style, but that time it was a great thing, to show something in gray lines, there were no colors and graphics programs to draw icons.
And these side bar icons are inconsistent, some of them filled, the lines sometimes 1 px wide, other times 3px wide. I feel it like an old game from 1980’s.