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VMware offloads visual Java tool Wavemaker to Pramati

Chris Mayer

With SpringSource and Cloud Foundry technologies finding a new home at Pivotal, Wavemaker is shown the door.

VMware have sold Wavemaker to Hyderabad software firm Pramati, just two years on from acquiring the visual Java tool for developing Spring-like cloud applications.

The deal sees Pramati acquire “certain assets” of the rapid application development platform “that will be used to grow and enhance Pramati’s cloud-based Java development capabilities”. Pramati’s president Vijay Pullur told The Register that this includes core technologies, its customer base and Wavemaker-related trademarks.

VMware purchased the platform in March 2011 for an undisclosed sum, seeing a good fit with the Spring framework, given that Wavemaker was created using the Spring programming model. SpringSource creator Rod Johnson remarked at the time:

I’ve always believed that we should eventually provide Spring-based technology to enable less technical users to build such applications, increasing the value of the Spring platform and enabling many business problems to be solved most cheaply.

Done right, such automation can even benefit professional developers, for certain classes of application. Enter WaveMaker.

Providing a graphical interface, Wavemaker promised to reduce the work needed to create a Java web application for the cloud. The tool has garnered a 35,000-strong community behind it mainly by drawing in novice developers looking for a simple drag-and-drop assembly process for applications. This doesn’t mean it hasn’t gained admirers in the enterprise though. Macy’s for example have used the tool to build a front-end for its internal reporting systems, so any Macy’s employee can use it.

With the newly-formed Pivotal banking on big data and cloud technologies, as well as becoming the home for many SpringSource projects, Wavemaker was a bit of a misfit. As VMware look to offload non-essential assets, a sale was always on the cards and this deal should benefit the community.

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