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VMware launches service to enable easy desktop delivery in the cloud

Lucy Carey

VMware go live with ‘Horizon DaaS’ as trend for cloudy companies to drift towards higher-functioning offerings picks up pace.


Using last year’s Desktone acquisition and a recent Google partnership as its launchpad, VMware is pushing out a new cloudy Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering – VMware Horizon DaaS – which will deliver virtual desktops running on its vCloud Hybrid Service.

With prices starting from around $35, VMware are pitching VMware Horizon DaaS as a “cost-effective enterprise-class” solution that can be accessed from full Windows desktops to end-users tapping in from laptops, desktops, zero/thin clients, Chromebooks, and mobile devices.

VMware’s new DaaS baby will be doing battle with the mighty Amazon, who put their offering ‘Amazon WorkSpaces’ to the market within six months of VMware acquiring Desktone. The key differentiator between the two products is that Horizon DaaS comes integrated with View, allowing admins to manage their on- and off- premise deployments from a single screen.

Speaking to siliconANGLE, Dave Grant, Senior Director of Product Marketing for DaaS, End-User Computing, at VMware explained; “The world of end-user computing is changing dramatically…I think the latest stats are that over 50 percent of us are using three different devices to access stuff to do our job every day. There’s…this shift away from Windows applications to cloud applications, from physical devices to mobile devices. [While] that’s all been happening…the cloud option has been blowing through the roof.

The company has been investing in “both ends” in reaction to this trend, making, as Grant puts it, “a lot of investments around helping people with their end-user computing strategy”. Along with their virtual desktop, they’ve also put stakes in both AirWatch on the end-user computing side, and on the hybrid cloud front with the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, making sure their bases are fully covered.

Today’s announcement is a natural progression of these investments Grant added, commenting that: “ a hosted, virtual desktop sitting on top of the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. And this enables us now to deliver a company’s desktop and Windows applications out to any device, anywhere.”

Hybrid cloud has been tipped to be one of the big tech stories this year, offering both the security of traditional on-premise data centers and the scalability of pay-as-you-go public clouds. Going forward, we can expect to see more companies floating out more higher-functioning offerings as opposed to the lower layers of the stack. Amazon continues to lead the pack, but that doesn’t preclude smaller players like VMware from honing in on more niche markets with low-cost solutions such as Horizon DaaS.

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