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VMware invest additional $30m into Puppet Labs

Chris Mayer

New funding from the virtualisation giant begins “strategic partnership” with the automation tool startup

Puppet Labs, home of automation tool Puppet, today sealed an $30m investment round from virtualisation giant VMware.

The latest cash injection takes the Portland-based startup to a total of $45m worth of funding in four years, with VMware comfortably holding the lion’s share at $38.5m. The duo also revealed details of a “strategic partnership” to help deliver new management products for mutual customers of the two firms.

VMware’s decision to offload all non-virtualisation software in the Pivot Initiative last month allows them to focus on sysadmins alone, and less so the developer. With Puppet already being a DevOps favourite, it’s easy to see how the tool fits into their plans.

Ramin Sayar, who manages VMware’s Virtualization & Cloud Management division, described Puppet Labs as “a catalyst in the DevOps movement” before explaining that the investment would enable VMware to pursue a “more extensive automation and orchestration solution” across private, public and hybrid infrastructures.

In a blog post, Puppet Labs CEO Luke Kanies describes “the cloud, DevOps, and the consumerization of IT” as “Puppet Labs’ sweet spot.” The commercial agreement doesn’t mean that Puppet will become VMware-centric however, with Kanies elaborating that Puppet Labs’s strength lies in diverse environments.

“Fundamentally, this new partnership is about enabling Puppet Labs to continue growing, to keep us in the best position to fill the gap left by the lack of adaptation by the incumbents,” he said.

Boasting 3.5m downloads in 2012 alone across their product range, Puppet Labs appear to and today’s announcement opens up their automation software to a whole new set of clients who previously snubbed ‘Devops-like’ principles.

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