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VisualVM 1.3 and Java 6 Update 21 Build 07 Gets a Fix for Eclipse Users

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, JPPF 2.2 now automatically discovers servers, the Exadel JavaFX Plugin for Eclipse gets Organise Imports and a new Object Orientated programming language based on Ioke!

Java 6 Switches Back to Sun

Java 6 Update 21 Build 07 is out now!

This update fixes a problem Eclipse users were experiencing with Java 6 Update 21, by regressing the rebranding of the files’ Company Name from ‘Oracle,’ back to ‘Sun Microsystems, Inc.’ The rebranding changes will still go ahead with JDK 7.

JPPF 2.2 Automatically Discovers Servers

JPPF 2.2 is now available.

JPPF enables applications to run on any number of computers, by splitting the app into smaller parts that can then be executed simultaneously, in an effort to reduce their processing time.

This release comes with a new status bar that indicates the number of servers and nodes currently connected, and the topology view gets two new buttons in the toolbar for selecting all the servers, or all the nodes, at once. The J2EE connector now has the ability to connect to multiple servers and automatically discover servers on the network.

Please note that, as of version 2.2, JPPF will drop support for the JDK 1.5.

New Object Orientated Programming Language Based on Ioke

Ola Bini has announced that he is working on a new language called Seph, which he envisions as taking his programming language “Ioke into the real world while retaining enough of what made Ioke a very nice language to work with.”

Seph will be prototype based object oriented, will run on the JVM, and allow AST manipulation as a first class concept. This includes working with message chains as a way of replacing blocks. It will also allow the user to customise operators and precedence rules. However, unlike Ioke, objects will be immutable.

Seph is currently under development.

First Public Release of LZF Java Library

The first public release of Java LZF block codec, is out now!

This is a Java library for encoding and decoding data in LZF format, which is compatible with standard C LZF package. The data format and algorithm are based on the original LZF library.

Monitor Remote Hosts with VisualVM 1.3

VisualVM 1.3 is now available.

VisualVM is a visual tool that integrates commandline JDK tools and profiling capabilities, and aims to provide performance and capability analysis for the Java SE platform.

This release introduces Sampler and Profiler presets, and functionality for monitoring remote hosts via a JMX-enabled application and the custom sorting of hosts, applications, coredumps and snapshots. This release also adds a Tracer framework and probes, and a Threads Inspector plugin.

It is available in two distributions.

Open Source for America Announce Awards Program

Open Source for America have opened nominations for its Open Source Awards Program, which are open to all Open Source For America members! The categories are Individual Contributor, Open Source Project and Open Source Deployment in Government.

Nominations are open until Friday, August 20th, 2010, and the winners will be announced in September 2010, with the awards ceremony to be held at the Government Open Source Conference in October.

Exadel JavaFX Plugin for Eclipse Gets Organise Imports

The Exadel JavaFX Plugin for Eclipse has reached version 1.3.4.

The Exadel plugin works within Eclipse to develop and deploy JavaFX applications. This release, introduces Organise Imports and fixes a bug in the User Library.

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