Watch Maximiliane Zirm's DevOpsCon session

How practical is “DevSecOps” really? – A field report

DevSecOps isn’t always about success. Senior IT Security Consultant at mgm security partners, Maximiliane Zirm shares the successes, mistakes, and lessons learned in the area of DevSecOps during a large project What’s the verdict: Just how practical is DevSecOps? Find out in this field report from DevOpsCon.

Watch Dr. Yonit Hoffman's Machine Learning Conference session

Data to the Rescue! Predicting and Preventing Accidents at Sea

Accidents at sea happen all the time. Their costs – in terms of lives, money and environmental destruction – are huge. Wouldn’t it be great if they could be predicted and perhaps prevented? Dr. Yonit Hoffman’s Machine Learning Conference session discusses new ways of preventing sea accidents with the power of data science.

Watch Oliver Drotbohm's API Conference session

REST beyond the Obvious – API Design for ever-evolving Systems

Most APIs built today are considered REST APIs these days, when in fact they merely exchange data via HTTP and JSON. At the same time, systems almost never act autonomously but rather live alongside others. In that context, being able to evolve an API becomes a crucial aspect in its design and the only knee-jerk, but often problematic reaction usually is: versioning.

Watch Sebastian Springer's International JavaScript Conference session

Progressive React Apps

In Sebastian Springer’s International JavaScript Conference session, he discusses Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with React. Take a look at the steps involved that turn an ordinary browser application into a fully-fledged PWA in this informative presentation.

Watch Jared Short's Serverless Architecture Conference session

The Serverless First Mindset

What is the serverless first mindset? Join Jared Short for his short talk from the Serverless Architecture Conference and discover a new way of approaching and re-thinking problems. Jared Short has been building and operating serverless architectures since 2015 and is bringing years of first-hand knowledge straight to you.

Watch Cornelia Rauch's International JavaScript Conference session

State Management in Angular: From Facades to NgRx and back

In this session led by Cornelia Rauch, you will learn more about the topic of single page applications and their application states and see how you can integrate state management into your Angular applications to make them maintainable long-term.

Watch Oliver Sturm's International PHP Conference session

CQRS and Event Sourcing

This talk from the International PHP Conference dives into CQRS (command-query responsibility segregation). and event sourcing. See how they relate to one another, what the consequences of using them are, and learn some real-world, practical examples and demonstrations from Oliver Sturm, Training Director at DevExpress.

Watch André Cedik's API Conference session

Call for a better Error Handling in APIs

“API calls are either successful or they fail” – at least that’s the concept current web protocols are based upon. But in the real world, it isn’t always that simple. Watch André Cedik’s API Conference session and learn about deeper complexities and use cases that aren’t as clear cut.

Watch David Müllerchen's International JavaScript Conference session

The new Angular CLI and angular.json

In this talk from the International JavaScript Conference, Angular consultant and trainer David Müllerchen shows you how these awesome new features work and which possibilities are available to Angular developers with the new CLI and angular.json.

Watch Grace Jansen's JAX session

Reacting to the Future of Application Architecture

In this session from JAX, watch IBM developer advocate Grace Jansen discuss how we take a page from honeybees. These little insects can actually teach us about how to build better architecture and more reactive software solutions with the help of reactive architecture frameworks.

Watch Jessica Mauerhan's International PHP Conference session


Software engineer Jessica Mauerhan discusses how to help boost your programming career with an attitude change and learn how to be less judgemental online and in the workplace. Set aside some time for reflection and watch this session from the International PHP Conference.

Watch Juan Herrera's International JavaScript Conference session

The most infamous code smells in Angular Applications

Join Juan Herrera, Google Developer Expert in Angular and Web Technologies, to learn the most villainous code smells you will find in most Angular applications, along with an elegant solution for each one of them. Watch this session from the International JavaScript Conference.