Watch Julia Wester's DevOpsCon 2018 session

Finding metrics that matter and using them safely

How do we determine which metrics are important? How can we be sure that metrics are useful and not harmful? In her session at DevOpsCon 2018, Julia Wester talks about the importance of these questions in the DevOps world and shows which metrics are really relevant.

Jabe Bloom's session from DevOpsCon 2018

Whole Work: Sociotechnicity & DevOps

In the DevOps community today, we hear a lot about sociotechnical systems. However, if we want to take an approach based on sociotechnical theory, we also need to think about the sociological framework. In his session at DevOpsCon 2018, Jabe Bloom shows how this can look like and what needs to be considered.

Watch Ambreen Sheikh's DevOpsCon 2018 session

KISS it: Good architecture and design for Continuous Delivery pipelines

The architecture of continuous delivery pipelines is becoming more complicated and complex every day. The purpose of Ambreen Sheikh’s talk is to motivate teams to take a moment and reflect on their Continuous Delivery pipeline architecture for the sole purpose of improvement and encourage them to KISS “Keep it simple, (maybe not stupid)” their continuous delivery architecture all the way.

Watch Julia Wester's DevOpsCon 2018 session

Defending against CDD: Chaos-driven delivery

Teams struggle with how to handle the constant onslaught of overwhelming amounts of work and begin to lose hope. In this talk, Julia Wester explains that if you understand operating systems, you already know a great deal about how to tame the chaos!

Watch Natalie Pistunovich's DevOpsCon 2018 session

Using Go in DevOps

Looking at recent observability and operations tools, many are written in Go like Docker, Kubernetes or Prometheus. But why Go? Natalie Pistunovich explains in this DevOpsCon session.

Watch Russ Miles' JAX 2018 session

Trust and confidence through chaos

Production hates you. The machines, the networks, the very users you hope to provide a service hate you. In this session, Russ Miles, CEO of ChaosIQ, talks about how to turn this pain into an advantage.

Watch Brian Goetz's JAX 2018 session

Java language futures: 2018 edition

What awaits Java in the next couple of years? Join Java Language Architect Brian Goetz on a whirlwind tour of the language features under development in Project Amber.

Watch Manfred Steyer's iJS 2018 session

Web components & micro apps: Angular, React & Vue peacefully united?

Angular, React, Vue or some other framework: Which one are you going to use on your next project? The JavaScript ecosystem offers so many choices and all of them have their pros and cons for any given project, making it difficult to choose just one. But there is a solution to that: With micro apps and web components, you can use whatever works best for any single part of your project.