Watch Sebastian Springer's iJS 2017 session

Web performance – From zero to hero

In order to optimize your webpage, you have to understand the workflows a browser performs in order to display a page on the screen. Nobody likes to wait for web pages to load in the browser so take out your pen and get ready to take some notes from Sebastian Springer on how to use some tools and best practices that will make your life, in terms of performance, easier.

Eclipse 2018-09 IDE improvements [VIDEO]

Eclipse Photon has been a welcome update to the Eclipse universe. But the planets keep spinning and the updates keep coming. This week, Holger Voormann has two new videos about the newest improvements to the Eclipse platform.

Watch Manfred Steyer's iJS 2017 session

Routing into the sunset with Angular

Routing is the keystone of every modern single page application and Angular comes with a bunch of components and solutions for it! Learn all you need to know about routing with Angular in this iJS session by Manfred Steyer.

Watch Kai Tödter's JAX London 2017 session

RESTful hypermedia APIs: Useful or not?

Many of the known public web APIs claim to be RESTful but, in reality, many APIs do not fulfill an important element of REST: Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State (HATEOAS). In this session from JAX London 2017, Kai Tödter gives an introduction into this topic and provides concrete examples on why RESTful Hypermedia APIs are useful.

Watch Geertjan Wielenga's JAX London 2017 session

Finally, Enterprise JavaScript is easy!

Is enterprise JavaScript really that hard? Or is it really usable in the context of enterprise applications and as the basis of front-end browser-based applications? Watch Geertjan Wielenga’s JAX London 2017 session and find out all the answers you need.

Watch Sumanas Sarma and Rob Hinds' JAX London 2017 session

Agile machine learning: From theory to production

With artificial intelligence and machine learning becoming increasingly relevant for modern enterprises, many companies might be feeling the pressure to invest in an AI strategy, before fully understanding what they are aiming to achieve. In this session, Sumanas Sarma and Rob Hinds explain how you can go from theory to production in adopting machine learning solutions.

Watch Peter Lawrey's JAX London 2017 session

Scaling blockchain systems: The real challenge

As the demand for blockchain has been increasing non-stop since its conception, what is the number one challenge to overcome in order to continue ripping the benefits of the technology? In this talk, Peter Lawrey explains why scalability of blockchain is the number one obstacle related to the technology and he proposes ways to overcome it.

Interview with Tim Mackey [VIDEO]

AppSec at the speed of DevOps in the age of open source

In the world of DevOps, traditional application security is no longer enough. How can we improve AppSec? What are the newest security challenges that arise as DevOps becomes more mature? JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc caught up with Tim Mackey, technical evangelist for Black Duck by Synopsys at DevOpsCon 2018 to talk about all this and more.

Watch Helen Beal's JAX London 2017 session

DevOps-driven development and delivery

How many of you are familiar with terms like test, value or behavior-driven development? In this talk, Helen Beal goes over these terms and dives into DevOps-driven development and delivery.