Watch Sarah Saunders' JAX London 2017 session

The monster coming over the hill – Is enterprise coding dead?

Every code snippet that you will ever need is probably somewhere on the internet. All you have to do is ask for it. So why do we keep writing code? What’s our value as developers? Sarah Saunders talks about the skills that underline our job description as developers.

Watch Ian Partridge's JAX London 2017 session

Server-side Swift for Java developers

Is Swift the future for server applications or is it just a passing trend? In this session, Ian Partridge gives an introduction to server-side Swift applications for Java developers.

Interview with Daniel Jones, CTO of EngineerBetter [VIDEO]

“The road to Continuous Delivery is paved with frustrations of trying to get people to understand it”

Is Continuous Delivery *just* a technical transition? How should companies change in order to successfully implement Continuous Delivery? JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc caught up with Daniel Jones, CTO and co-founder of EngineerBetter to talk about why Continuous Delivery is better for your brain and what’s the role of technical debt in all this.

Watch Andrea Giardini's talk at DevOpsCon 2017

From zero to DevOps: The Camunda journey

How can a young company keep up with everything that goes on in the DevOps world? Andrea Giardini talks about his experiences and the challenges his team had to overcome to build a highly-automated infrastructure.

Watch Netflix's Mike McGarr's talk at DevOpsCon 2017

Dependency hell, monorepos and beyond

In this session, Mike McGarr talks about the challenges of shared code, dependency hell and offers tips on how to deal with some of the most common library problems.

Watch Shashi Kiran' talk at DevOpsCon 2017

Top 10 barriers to DevOps adoption – and how to overcome them

It is not an understatement to say that DevOps has taken all modern enterprises by storm. It is difficult, however, to ignore the elephant in the room, namely the obstacles in the way of DevOps adoption. Here, Shashi Kiran presents the top 10 obstacles to DevOps adoption and offers practical solutions in dealing with them.

Interview with Christine O’Dell at JAX DevOps 2018

Why developers should support their own features in production

Development of a feature doesn’t stop at deployment. Your involvement continues for the lifetime of the product. We caught up with Christine O’Dell of Contino at JAX DevOps 2018 to talk about life after deployment, the downsides of being on-call and what’s the best way to handle these issues.

Watch Lorenzo Nicora' JAX London 2017 session

Scaling Event Sourcing for the IoT and mobile

In this session, Lorenzo Nicora shares with us experiences, errors and successes from real-world projects with Event Sourcing and offers a fresh point of view on how to deal with issues when working on IoT and mobile applications.