Version 8.0 Of Versant Object Database


The Versant team have released version 8.0 of their Versant Object Database for agile application development.

The database is geared towards C++, Java and .NET-based applications with complex, hierarchical domain models and high online transaction processing requirements under high concurrency.

V/OD offers transparent persistence of Java through V/OD’s JVI & JDO 2.0 API; dynamic schema evolution; end-to-end object architecture; and automatic tracking of state changes. V/OD converts objects dynamically from an old schema to a new schema as they are touched, without the need for explicit mapping, coding or database reorganisation. It also supports both pessimistic and optimistic locking protocols.

Version 8.0 updates the database administration tools, multi core scalability, and tandard programming interfaces for Java/Java Data Objects (JDO.) V/OD requires Java Development Kit 1.5 or 1.6. Registered VDC Members can download a free trail from the Versant website.

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