Altor Networks

Version 4.0 of Altor Virtual Security for the Cloud

Jessica Thornsby

Altor Networks have announced a beta of version 4.0 of their Altor virtual server security product for virtual and cloud environments.

Altor 4.0 automatically detects unauthorised changes to VMs in virtual and cloud environments, and can quarantine those offending VMs whilst alerting IT administrators to the problem. It also inspects all traffic between VMs to help eliminate blind spots.

Altor collects VM attributes and couples it with Altor’s insight into the virtual network to create a database of control points for defining security policies and compliance rules. Altor 4.0 comes with built-in templates for building policies, and tools for facilitating the customisation of rulesets.

Altor 4.0 is currently in beta and will be generally available in the third quarter of 2010. Pricing starts at $1,500.00 per CPU socket.